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WallFlower's Love
Chapter 4: Confession

Naruto was heading to Hinata house thinking about how to ask if she liked him as much as he liked her. "Naruto." Hinata said as she ran towards him as he stood in front of her house.

They started to walk to school. Naruto was wondering how could he ask if Hinata liked him.

"Naruto are you ok you have been awfully quiet."

"Oh, I'm sorry Hinata I'm just thinking about something."

"What are you thinking about?"

"Ummm… I was thinking about, Hinata do you like me."

Hinata blushed furiously. "I-I-I.."

"Do you like me?"

"I do like you Naruto-kun."

"Thank goodness." Naruto said pulling Hinata into a hug.

"Does this mean you like me too?"

"Of course." Naruto said holding her hand tightly as they entered the school grounds. There friend saw them together and saw there expression on there face and smiled brightly at them.

"Finally!" Kiba yelled loudly as they went to congratulate Hinata and Naruto.
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