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The Way We Were Raised

Chapter 5: The New Home

"So Ven, Where are you taking us?" Sora asked Ven as he looked out the window in the back sear of the car. "I wanted you guys to move in with me soon a possible so I want to show you guys your maybe new house." Ven said to Sora as he looked at him through the front mirror then at Roxas who looked straight ahead looking at everything they passed by.

As they drove slightenly on the road as they finally reached a two story house which Ven drove into the drive through and Ven and the twins went inside the house. "I'm home Terra." Ven said as he entered the house and took off his shoes. "Welcome back, Ven." A tall brunette said as coming into view. "Sora, Roxas this is Terra, this are the twins, Terra watch them right quick while I go change."Ven said to Terra as he gave him a peck on cheek amd went up stairs.

"It nice to finally meet you guys. I'm Terra a model for Twilight In Motion." Terra says to the twins as he led them to the living room which had one single chair a three seat coach and a flat screen TV with DVD and speaker hookup. "This living room rocks!" Sora exclaimed to Terra as he smiled. "Yeah but this is guest living room." Terra said as they went down the hallway to a much bigger room with two flat screens, two couches and two singing chairs, video games and bean bag chairs, also posters on the wall.

"This our living room." Terra said as smirked appeared on his face as the twins jaws dropped. "This room harder then the previous one." Roxas said as Sora nodded his head wanting to say the same thing. "I guess you guys like the living room." Ven said as he came from downstairs and had sweat pants and a white shirt on. "You ready to see your own rooms guys?" Ven asked them as they both nodded their heads yes.

Sora room was first the walls had Disney all over the sky on the ceiling and the carpet looked and felt like a real beach. A queen size bed in the center with a game counsel attached to a flat screen that was attached to the wall and had a window view. Roxas room was a light blue color with a guitar on the side and a keyboard a window seat as well as the other commendation Sora had.

"Do you guys like your new rooms?" Terra asked the twins as he hugged ven from behind. "Do we like them of course we do we love them. "Sora said as Roxas nodded his head in agreement. "So when can we move in?" Roxas asked the two of them. "How about tomorrow."Terra asked them and they smiled and nodded their heads.

Time skip

"Wake up Sora,Roxas."Terra called from outside their room doors."Mkay."Roxas said to Terra as he exited his room and headed to the bathroom. "Sora wake up." Terra said as he walked into Sora Bedroom to find him already dressed."You excited Sora." Terra asked as he him and he nodded his head yes.

"I can't believe were a family again after such a long time." Sora said as he smiled brightly at Terra. "yeah."Terra said as he smiled back at Sora. "Hey Terra don't worry you are part of the family." Roxas said as he passed Sora's room. "Yeah Ven loves you."Sora says happily. "I love him to." Terra said to the twins as they all entered the kitchen and Ven served them breakfast.

Time Skip

"Lets go." Sora said as he hopped in the back seat with Roxas and Ven went to the passenger seat and Terra in the driver seat.

Time Skip

"Finally we finished unpacking."Roxas said as his cellphone went off. "Hey Riku." Roxas said as he handed Sora his phone. "Hello oh Riku no were still going tomorrow."Sora said to Riku. "Ok bye Riku."Sora said as he gave Roxas back his phone.
hope you enjoy. Hope you guys enjoyed this simple yet sweet chapter

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