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Book 1: Summer Time Fun


"Are you sure you don't want to come to my house this summer, Harry?" Draco asked, sitting on the Gryffindor's bed as he shook his head. "I would love to Dray, but I can finally spend time with Sirius after what happened this year with him almost being killed." Harry replied, looking over at his boyfriend to find him pouting on his bed. He let out a small giggle.

"Stop pouting Draco, we will see each other during vacation so don't worry." Harry said as he finished putting all his close up inside of his trunk.

"I know." Draco commented, still pouting, until Harry pulled him into a light kiss. "Sorry, Draco you have to go before the others find you're here." said Harry, looking up at his boyfriend who looked disappointed. "Fine, I'll go in sec." Draco replied, leaning to peck Harry on the lips before leaving the room under the Invisibility Cloak. "Bye Draco," Harry uttered before his boyfriend went under the cloak.

"Harry, are you ready to go?" Ron asked., coming into the room looking at his best friend. "Yeah, just give me a second." Harry replied, casting a shrinking spell on his luggage and putting the now small trunk into his pocket. He and Ron walked towards the common room and out the door they went, Ron not noticing that Draco was following behind them until they entered the corridor.

Change Scene

Train Carrier (Thing)

"Have you guys notice how weird Harry been acting lately?" Hermione asked, looking around at the small group of friends in the area. "No, not really," Neville replied, fiddling his thumbs quietly." I haven't noticed anything," said Luna, looking at Hermione knowingly as she knew what was going on with Harry.

"I haven't noticed anything either Hermione. Do you think something is wrong with Harry?" Ginny asked. Hermione shrugged her shoulders. "I don't know, yet but I get the feeling that he's not telling us something," Hermione commented, looking out the window.

"Well I think Harry is fine. When he is ready to talk to us, he will." Ron said. Everyone looked to Ron and sighed. Ron did have a point, but Harry always hid things from him when he was upset or if anything happened to him. They stayed quiet until Harry walked back into the room, slightly dazed. "Harry, are you alright? Did the silver dragon see you today?" Luna asked. Harry looked over at her and smiled at their code meaning Draco.

"Yes, I indeed just encountered him several times today, but the slimy viper interrupted us," Harry replied. The other four occupants looked at the two confused. "You know Harry, the slimy viper is closer to the silver dragon than the gray dragon clan, "Luna said talking about Severus then the Malfoy family. "You're right, but the slimy viper just pushes the wrong buttons sometimes." Harry murmured under his breathe. As their conversation came to an end, the others started talking as well.
hope you enjoy this story. Did you guys understand the begining? :icondawwplz:

Do you love how I started. :iconcrosswalledplz: I Got a new beta reader do you think I'm doing a good job as well as my New Beta.

:iconblushingplz: Please Leave Comments :icondontkillmeplz:

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