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Book 1: Summer Time Fun

Chapter 2: An Awkward Malfoy Visit

"Well here we are." Remus said. As He, Sirius and Harry standed in the middle of a forest clearing and a cabin stood in the center. "Come on now Harry." Sirius called. As he and Remus were already in front of the house. "Coming." Harry said. Walking swiftly over to his godfathers. "Go in First Harry." Remus said. Holding the door open so he could get inside. Once inside Harry scanned the House and saw a fire place a couch and a single chair in the living room.

"This place is great." Harry said smiling at the two older men. "You haven't seen anything yet, Moony you wanna go show Harry his room with me?" Sirius said. Looking over to Remus who shook his head no and headed into the kitchen. "Oh well come on Harry." Sirius said. Climbing up the stairs with Harry following after him. Sirius pointed to the room at the end of the hall with the door engraved with his name.

Harry hesitantly opened the door once he was inside all he could was stand there and stare. Looking at all the quidditch supplies, poster, Books of all sorts, but one thing in particular that caught his eye was the album that sat on the dresser. Walking over there and opening the Album he gasped when he saw a picture of his parents with himself in his mother's arms. As he flipped through the album finding numerous pictures of Sirius, Remus and his parents during there school years as well as a couple of pictures of Slytherins and what pranks they did on them.

"It was Remus idea to give you that to you did you like it." Sirius said. Leaning against the door looking at Harry who stared at the album in awe. "Yeah, I love it." Harry said. Giving Sirius a hug before going downstairs to say thank you to Remus. Once downstairs Remus came out of the kitchen with a Teapot and three cups floating after him. "I'm think you loved your welcome home present." Remus said. Smirking when he saw Harry's face brighten instantly.

"Yeah thank so much Remus." Harry said. Hugging Remus like he did Sirius before Sirius came down stairs. "Well sit down dinner will be done at any minute, well just have to settle for tea." Remus said. Harry nodded his head as he sat in the single chair as Sirius and Remus sat on the couch.

Time Skip

Dinner time

"Well come on Harry before Remy gets impatient." Sirius said. Once inside the kitchen Harry smiled when he saw Dobby. "Hello Master Harry Potter." Dobby said. "It just Harry, Dobby." Harry said. "I'm sorry Master Harry I'm a bad Dobby." Dobby said before he began abusing himself by hitting his head against the counter. "Stop Dobby."Harry said. Stopping the elf from causing anymore harm to himself.

"You can go Dobby."Harry said sighing at the elf antics. With the snap of his fingers Dobby was gone. Once that was over they all sat down and began to ask harry about what happened this year of school. "So Harry anyone has caught you eye yet." Sirius asked slyly. Harry started to have a coughing fit once he calmed down he stared over at Padfoot. "What are you talking about Sirius?" Harry said coolly but Sirius saw through this.

"Are you sure no little redhead girls have caught you eye?" Sirius asked. Remus turned to glare at Padfoot but he ignored the warning that was sent his way. "No I don't like Ginny."Harry said firmly. "What about any guys?" Sirius asked. Harry looked at Sirius completely flustered he was not expecting him to find out so soon. Sirius smirked once he saw this reaction while Remus just shook his head and sighed.

"So who is he?" Remus asked. Harry looked down at his lap and mumbled something even Remus's Werewolf hearing couldn't pick up. "Sorry, what was that?" Sirius asked. Harry took a deep breathe and looked up at his godfathers. "Its Draco Malfoy." Harry said. There was and awkward silence amongst the table. "Well I certainly wasn't that one just make sure he treats you right Harry." Sirius laughed causing Remus and Harry to smile.

That when Harry looked down at the necklace and saw it glowing. Harry got up and walked over to the fireplace. "Draco, is something wrong." Harry asked as Remus and Sirius walked over there as well. "It not really a problem unless you think it is and well my parents what to talk to you straight away." Draco said. Harry stared at the fire in shock. "Do you want me to come over right now?" Harry asked. " No my parents want to actually talk to your Guardians really." Draco said.

Harry looked over to his godparents uneasily. "They can come over now they can join us for dinner, Harry." Remus said. Harry looked up at him and smiled. "You heard that Draco." Harry said. "Yeah, But Can you Tell my uncle that Snape is coming as well and tell him to act civil and I will do the same." Draco said. "OK." Harry said. While Sirius started throwing a tantrum. "The address is the Marauders Palace." Remus informed the young Malfoy before going to calm down his lover.

Not more than a second later Draco and his parents and Snape came out of the floo. "Harry." Draco said walking over to Harry and giving him a quick hug. "Hey Dray." Harry said hugging him back. "Where is Sirius and Remus at Harry." Nacrissa asked. "Well.. um... you see." Harry tried to explain. "No way I'm not going down there you can't make eat beside that slimey snake." They heard Sirius yell. "I don't give and damn you are going down there and spend time with your godson and his boyfriend family now Sirius or else." They heard next which sounded like Remus.

"Let go of my hair, Remus." Sirius yelled. "Go down stair or else I will chop it all off and you will be left bald." Remus said. "Fine." Sirius said as they heard them coming down stairs. They all looked at a pouting Sirius and a Smiling Remus. "Lets go to dinner shall we." Remus said acting like nothing happen everyone sat down and began to eat. "So, Remus how have you been?" Nacrissa asked.

"I've been doing good actually I've manage to get the Department of magic to open a school for forcibly changed werewolves to go to." Remus said. Narcissa nodded her head. "Is there any reason you choose to open this building?" Lucius asked. "Many forcibly changed werewolves are often sacred of coming to get registered at ministry of magic but with building and animagus that are willing to help us along side the wolvesbane potion should keep werewolves from turning and killing more people." Remus said.

"Wait what does the Animagus shifter have to do with this?" Severus asked interested. "Well in our fifth year me, James and Peter where able to shift into our animagus forms and we were able to stay with Remus on the night of the full moon without getting anyone hurt." Sirius said. The four Slytherin looked at Sirius in shock. "So your telling us that your an Animagus." Draco said. Sirius smiled and got up from his chair and shift into a big black dog that was now staring at them before shifting back.

"So that how you escaped Azkaban."Lucuis said. As Sirius shivered a the thought of that horrible place. Once dinner was over The Malfoy family and Severus went back home. "Well that was and awkward visit from my family." Sirius said. Remus and Harry busted out laughing before they retired for the night themselves.
Did you like this chapter. I will be doing what Remus school under a different fanfiction so if your intrested keep an eye out for it.

[link] Pervious Chapter

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Commission are open :icongoofygrinplz:
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