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Book 1: Summer Time Fun

Ch.1: Family Reassurance

Flashback Scene

"Draco It is time for us to go." Pansy said. Pulling on Slytherin prince's clothes. Snapping out of his daze turned to Pansy and nodded his head. Following Pansy on board the train where he and Pansy entered the compartment where Blaise and Theo were waiting for them. Draco sat down next to Blaise and stared out the window. Blaise sighed before looking over to his best friend who was daydreaming. That was very un- Draco like to do so.

"Are your going to be like this the entire way home?" Blaise asked. Draco paid him no mind just continued to stare out the window blankly. "I think his going through Harry withdraw symptoms." Pansy said jokingly. Causing everyone to laugh except Draco who was still in the daze. "Yeah, Blaise will you go fetch Harry or were going to have to endure his pity party for the rest of the way home." Theo said. Blaise nodded his and got up to go find Harry.

"His puppy dog pout is so cute." Pansy said. "Malfoy's aren't cute their handsome but not cute." Draco said. Startling Pansy and Theo then there was and awkward silence before they erupted into a fit of laughter. "Even when is a daze Malfoy's can tell when there being called cute that is just amazing." Theo said jokingly as Pansy and him started laughing once more.

Change Scene

Near Harry's Train Compartment

"Harry where are you?" Blaise yelled. As he walked throughout the train. Many poked there head out there compartment to see Blaise shouting for Harry.

Inside Harry's Compartment

"HARRY!" A voice yelled from outside in the hallway. Harry walked over to the door and opened the door. "What is it-" Harry got out before he was glared at by Blaise who was standing right in front of him causing him to fall to the ground. "Harry there you are mate I was looking all over for you I need you help." Blaise said Grabbing a hold of Harry's hand and pulling him back towards where Draco was.

"Hey, Where are you taking him Death eater." Ron said a hold of Harry's other hand.

"I need his help with something and he is the only one on this bloody train that knows how now, let go." Blaise said slapping Ron's hand away from Harry and running off with Harry following after him ."I'll be back don't worry." Harry said to his friends before following after Blaise.

Once they neared the train compartment where Draco was Blaise slowed down and calmed his breathing before opening the door for Harry. Once they were both inside Blaise walked over with Harry and told Harry to sit next to a dazed Draco. "Draco, are you alright?" Harry asked. Causing Draco to snap out of his daze and turned to look at Harry shocked. "Harry, what are you doing here?" Draco asked shocked.

"We couldn't stand you sulking so I went to go fetch Harry." Blaise said. Draco nodded his head and turned back to Harry. Harry smiled at him softly. Draco grabbed hold of Harry pulling Harry into his lap giving a kiss on his forehead. "Sorry Dray I can't stay for very long or else Hermione and the others will start looking for me." Harry said. Draco pouted a little before he cuddled closer to the raven haired boy who was still sitting on his lap.

Not After have ever Slytherin in the compartment to help pull Draco off of Harry he left.

End of Flashback scene

Change Scene

London Train Station

"When is that blasted train going to get here?" Sirius asked. Remus sighed and looked over at Sirius who was pacing around. "Calm down Sirius the train will arrive at any minute." Remus said. Sirius nodded his head as he stopped his pacing and sat down next to Remus. That is when one Lucius Malfoy stepped into the platform. "Well this is odd he never comes here." Arthur said approaching Sirius and Remus. "Hello Arthur, what did you say about Lucius?" Remus asked.

"Well Lucius or Nacrissa never come to pick Draco up from the train and he never rides it either so that means something big is going to happen." Arthur said. As the came came into view and everyone started to move towards the train. Once the train came to a complete stop all the student started to come out of the train. "Harry." Sirius called as he spotted his godson come out of the train.

Not long after Draco came out of the train. "Draco, lets go." Lucius said to his son. This caused everyone to fall silent as Draco smiled to his friends before he followed his father out of the train common. "You ready to Pronglet?" Sirius asked ruffling Harry hair. "Yeah lets go." Harry said as he followed Sirius and Remus out of the train station. "Lets go then." Remus said pulling out his wand casting a transporting spell on the three of them and away they went.

Change Scene With Draco

"Draco sweetie come with me please." Nacrissa said to his son who was in the kitchen getting a snack. They walked together into the living room. "Draco who is the one your talking about in your letter."Lucius asked his son gesturing to the letter in his hand that he got three days ago. "Father, it is Harry potter."Draco said with a calm and blank tone and face. "Dragon we will except any decision you have." Nacrissa said smiling at her son.

Draco looked at his parent in shock. "I thought you guys wanted me to marry Parkinson." Draco said. "No, her father suggested we do that but we were always against it."Lucius said shocking his son further. "Good, cause she likes Blaise." Draco said firmly. "So when can I meet this Harry dear?" Nacrissa asked.
Hope you enjoy. Did you like the support Draco parents gave him. Did you guys understand the beginning?

Commission are Open :happybounce:

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