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Book 1: Summer Time Fun

Ch.7:Safe House

"Harry, are you sure that none will be able to find us here?" Sirius asked as he held Moony in his arms. Harry and Remus sighed once again. "Yes Sirius we are safe here, when are you going to be able to relax around here?" Harry asked. "As soon as the remove the picture of Mummy dearest of the wall right there." Sirius glared at the moving picture of his mom who glared right back at him.

She was scream profanity as soon as they arrived but a quick silencing spell put an end to that quickly.

"I'll ask mother about when they arrive." Draco told him as he entered the room gracefully.

"Draco, have you heard anything from my friends?" Harry asked. Draco shook his head and Harry sighed at this.

Draco walked over to his boyfriend and placed his boyfriend's head onto his lap. "Everything will be ok." Draco reassured him.

"I know but I can't help to worry about them." Harry said.

Remus smiled at the young couple as Padfoot finally managed to fall asleep after everything that happened before.

"Draco?!" Lucius called for his son as he and his wife made there way into the room. They let out a sigh as they saw there son, and the others were also here.

"Draco, what is going on we heard that the ministry of magic had sent a warrant after Sirius what is going on?" Nacrissa asked her son as she walked over towards them.

"We don't know all we know is that Granger and Weasley came to tell Harry before he was taken we don't know the details." Draco told his parents.

Lucius let out a sigh in relief. "I will try to see why an arrest was sent out for Sirius, I'll be back." Lucius said as he swiftly turned around and started to head towards his office.

Nacrissa removed the picture of Sirius mother out of the room. Harry and Draco began to place up everything as if it was the Marauders house as before.

Remus sighed missing his old home already. Harry noticed this an put a comforting hand on his shoulders. " Don't worry, we will have everything settled soon so just focus on your work." Harry reassured him.

"Your right, I have to continue to work hard." Remus said with determination.

"Yeah that it Moony keep a hold of your dream." Sirius murmured as he smiled at Remus. Remus nodded his head.

"Accio Notebook." Remus commanded as his notebook with all his notes for his school was in and he began working once again.

Harry smiled as he returned to cuddle with his boyfriend on the couch. Draco pressed his lips onto Harry's trying to coax him into letting him to deepen the kiss.

Harry moaned as he felt Draco mapping out every part of his mouth trying to memorize all the points that made him moan. Draco smirked and broke the kiss leaving a panting Harry eye raping him. "Draco you fuckin tease." Harry moaned as he laid his head onto his shoulder.

That is when the door opened up and Hermione and Ron walked into the room. "Harry, thank god your ok." Hermione said pulling her best friend into a hug.

"Yeah, mate you really had us worried for a second there." Ron commented as he approached his friend as well.

"Sorry, were all ok." Harry told them. Hermione went over to help Remus with he research and Ron started playing Wizard chest with Draco and Harry just took a nap beside Sirius.

Narcissa returned with dinner with the help of the house elves and Lucius returned not long after that. Sirius and Harry were woken up for the nap and were groaning about being awoken.

"Lucius, did you figure out why the issued the arrest of Sirius?" Nacrissa asked her husband, everyone turned there head curious of his answer. Lucius sighed as he composed himself.

"He was accused of child endangerment." Lucius commented.

"What do you mean child endangerment?" Sirius asked.

"You were accused of child endangerment because you had a minor around a threat aka Remus." Lucius said. Sirius was shocked and Remus felt his heart snapped in two at these words.

"I knew my presence was a burden." Remus murmured. Sirius turned to his attention to Remus. "Remus no matter what anyone says you will always be just Remus." Sirius told him sternly. Remus nodded his head feeling slightly better.

Harry sighed knowing he would have to go to that stuffy Court room once again. "I'm hate court." Harry mumbled as he glared at his peas. "Harry, stop glaring you going to burn holes into the plate."Hermione joked. This caused the tension to break in the room as it was replaced with laughter.

They all began eating once again. Remus talked to Lucius about the Werewolf school. While Sirius and Nacrissa talked about their childhood together. Draco and Ron were talking about Wizard chess and Harry and Hermione were discuss about there summer homework.

As they finished eating dinner Severus walked into the dinning room. "Lucius we have a problem." Severus said. Lucius locked eyes with Severus and nodded his head. Lucius kissed his wife goodbye before following Severus out of the room.

"Mother, what going on?" Draco asked. Nacrissa nodded her head she had no idea what was going on either. Harry and the other looked worriedly.

Change scene

"What going on Severus?" Lucius asked. "Lucius, it not good we have to attend a meeting." Severus told him. "What so bad, you don't mean that-" Lucius said, but the look on Servus face answered that question for him. He knew that by the end of the week someone may be leaving there family.
I hope you guys enjoy your this chapter.

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