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Book 1: Summer Time Fun

Ch.6: Warrant

"It terrible Harry he has issued the arrest of Sirius." Hermione said. Harry looked at her shocked while tears began to stream down the side of his face. "That old bastard." Draco hissed, as he pulled his boyfriend into his lap and tried to comfort him. "We have to hurry up and find him, Harry where did they go mate?" Ron asked, Looking down at his best-friend sadly.

"Sirius was taking Moony away for the full-moon so they will be back in a couple of minutes."Harry replied, wiping away his tears. "OK. until they get back where going to have to find some place for Sirius to hide." Hermione commented. Looking around at everyone. "He could stay at my place." Draco told everyone. The Golden Trio looked at each other then back at Draco.

"That not such of a good Idea,Draco." Harry said. "Why not?" Draco asked, looking over at his boyfriend suspiciously. "Sirius, hates to be in a pureblood mansion that why he never goes near his own house or even into the Weasly home " Harry explained, smiling at his boyfriend slightly. "Harry, we don't have many choices right now Sirius is going to have to take Draco on his offer, you to Harry." Hermione said.

"Why would Harry have to go with them?" Ron asked confusedly, looking over at his girlfriend. Hermione sighed,"Its because Sirius had custody of Harry and if Sirius is arrested Harry will be forced to go back to the Dursley's." Hermione explained. Harry paled at this. Draco noticed this and wrapped his arms around Harry's waist.

"OK." Harry said, as the door flew open and Sirius came inside carrying an unconscious Remus in his arms placing him into the love seat couch. "Is he, ok?" Harry asked, running over to his Godfather. Sirius nodded his head as he casts a healing spell over Remus. "Yeah, Pronglet, Moony is alright just a little tired, so what have you guys been up to since we left?" Sirius asked, looking at them.

"Sirius we have some bad news." Ron said,looking at the tall black haired man. "OK, what is it."Sirius asked, going into his serious mode. "Dumbledore has issued a warrant for you arrest." Hermione said. Sirius eyes widen as he looked over at Harry sadly. "We need you to get ready to head to Malfoy manor." Harry explained, meeting his godfather gaze.

"You know I can't stay there Harry." Sirius told him. "You were fine when we went over there for dinner." Harry said. "That different Harry." Sirius uttered. "No it is not, you don't have a choice Sirius you are going to ways Willingly, or we will knock you out." Harry yelled, glaring at his Godfather causing him to flinch. "OK, OK, stop glaring at me, you sure do have your mother's attitude." Sirius muttered as Remus finally stirred awake opened his eyes and sat up.

"Good morning everyone." Remus said, looking over at everyone smiling. "Good morning." Everyone replied. Remus got up and went to go sat next to Sirius.

"Then it is settled then You three shall move in with Malfoy." Hermione said, putting an end to the discussion. Sirius opened his mouth to complain but the combined glares of Harry, and Hermione he closed his mouth and kept quiet. "We have to get going see you later Harry."Ron said, Grabbing his girlfriend's hand and walking out of the house.

"I will go tell my parents." Draco commented, walking over to the fire place. "Come on lets go pack." Harry said, as he and his godparents went upstairs to pack. "Once they were done Draco came upstairs to them. "My parents said it was OK,they were going to conjure up most of the second floor of the west wing to look like your house so their no need to pack up anything beside your clothes.

"Thank you Draco." Remus said, smiling at Draco. Draco nodded his head and they began to head back downstairs. They shrunk their suitcases down and placed them in their pockets. That when there was a knock on the door. "Open up this is the Ministry of Magic we have a warrant for Sirius Orion Black." A official told them.

"Hurry up." Draco yelled, as Remus stepped into the fire place. "Malfoy Manor." Draco said Dropping the powder onto the ground, while heard the door break down and off they went.

The official and two Aurors came as the saw the fire died down. "Damn he escaped." The official yelled hitting his fist into the wall.

The official turned around to see the two Aurors staring at him. "What are you looking at, hurry up and search the place." Official spat out. The Aurors swiftly went looking for clues after that.
I hope you guys enjoyed this chapter. :)

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