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Book 1: Summer Time Fun
Ch.5: The Plan

"Harry, are you sure it was Dumbledore you saw?" Sirius asked. Not Knowing if he wanted to know the answer. "Yes, I'm sure other wise I wouldn't be saying this."Harry said. Looking at his god father with a serious expression. "What should we do then Harry?" Remus asked. looking at him with a worried filled eyes as he felt Sirius arm tightened around his waist. "Well for starters don't mention none of this to the other members of the Order."Harry said. Before they nodded their heads in understanding.

"Harry, what should we do in the mean time."Draco asked. Looking back at his boyfriend then back at his family."You guys can carry on like you normal would just call me if anything happens." Harry said. Looking from Draco to his family. "Of course well call if anything happens Harry."Draco said. "Yeah Remy will be with you so no worries."Sirius said. Harry turned around to look at his tow godfathers confused.

"Well since Sirius already ruined the surprise you guys better not faint," Remus said taking a deep breath. "I'm pregnant." Remus said. Harry rushed to give his godfathers a hug and congratulations. Draco and his family also gave Remus and Sirius their condolences. "Well we will have to be going now."Luicius said. As the Malfoy's and Snape left the house.

Time skip

Next Day

Harry, are you here?"Hermione said. AS she and her boyfriend Ron walked into the house. They opened the door and started towards Harry's room when they opened his room door. To see Harry and Malfoy Snogging on his bed."Harry." Hermione said giggling as the boys failed to notice them for the past five minutes. Harry pushed Draco away slightly to See a giggling Hermione and a Pale Ron. "Hey you guys I didn't know you guys were going to come over to day."Harry said nervously. Hermione smiled at this.

"Its OK Harry I don't care if your gay or with Malfoy."Hermione said. As she finally stopped giggling. "Ron are you ok?"Harry asked. "Yeah I'm just a little shocked it Malfoy. "I don't really know either opposites attrack I guess."Harry said rubbing his back of his head sheepishly. " Why are you guys here anyway?" Harry said.

"Harry its terrible he..."
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