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Book 1: Summer Time Fun
Ch.4: Dinner at the Malfoy's

"Sirius, Harry come on down we have to get ready to leave." Remus said calling the two who were playing seeker. Sirius and Harry flew down and stopped next to Remus. "Where exactly are we going today?" Sirius asked. Looking over at Remus who sighed. "Were going over to Draco's House Sirius." Harry said. Sirius sighed also before grudgingly went up stairs to get clean. Once they were done all three of them went over to the floo. "Malfoy Manor." Harry said dropping the floo powder.

Once the got to Malfoy manor Sirius was the first person to step out and dusted himself off with the other two followed after. Draco came over to greet his guest and he walked over to them. Draco smiled and grabbed Harry's hand. "Come my parents are in the foyer waiting for dinner." Draco said. Smiling at Harry as they made thier way to the foyer. "Sirius it nice to see you again." Nacrissa said hugging his cousin.

"Its good to see you to Crissa." Sirius said hugging her back. "Remus." Lucius said. "Lucius, Severus." Remus said turning his attention to the two men behind Nacrissa. "Come let talk while we wait." Nacrissa said grabbing Remus and Sirius hand puling them to a near by couch and forced them to sit down. Once everyone was sitting the began to discuss just about everything. "Sirius I know it none of my business but when are you going to go back to Black manor?" Nacrissa asked.

Sirius stiffened at that question. "I'll never go back that place ever." Sirius said firmly. Remus put a comforting hand on Sirius shoulder. "I see." Nacrissa said sadly but understood the reason why Sirius never wanted to return. "Harry, how did you and Draco got together actually?" Severus asked. "Well it a really long story." Harry said. "Dinner won't be done for awhile so we got time." Lucius said.

"Well it was the start of our third year when I was heading back to dorms after our first day of our lessons." Harry started.

Flashback scene

Harry turned around the corner but bumped into something hard causing him to fall to the floor landing on the floor hard causing his to let out a suprize yelp. "Watch where your going Potter." Draco spat out. Draco looked down to see that Harry hand was bleeding. "Bloodly hell, Potter what happen to you hand." Draco said. "Nothing now if you excuse me I have to go." Harry said standing up and tried to walk around Draco but Draco stopped.

"Hold out your hand Potter." Draco said. Harry looked at him supicously. "I'm not going to do any thing but heal your ahbd so let me see your hand." Draco said. Harry begrudgingly held out his hand. Draco pulled out his wand. "Tergeo."Draco said. Harry looked as he saw the dried blood disappearing. "Vulnera Sanentur." Draco said next healing the gash. "Dittany."Draco said to prevent any scars. "What do those spells do?" Harry asked.

"Tergeo removes dried blood and prevents from blood to flow out the cut, Vulnera Sanentur is to heal any other injures and this one and Dittany prevents scars." Draco said putiing his wand away. "How do you know these spells." Harry asked. "You can study and practice them over the summer and I want to become a healer so I've to practice." Draco said. "Wait isn't magic forbidden out of school grounds." Harry said. "No only Offensive magic." Draco said.

"Thanks Malfoy." Harry said. "Your welcome,Potter." Draco said.

End of Flashback Scene

"So right after that you started dating." Remus said. "No, whenever Harry got hurt he would always come to me instead of Madame Promfrey." Draco said. Everyone looked to Harry. "I heard that Dumbledore has been slipping dreamless potion to make my mind easier to penetrate but I been practicing Occulmency to prevent it since third year." Harry said. "But why would he want to get into your mind." Remus asked. "He been planting different memories inside my mind trying him to trick me into thinking they were lord Voldemort's but I seen some of Lord Voldemort's memories and Dumbledore is no saint." Harry said.

"What did you see in Lord Voldemort's memories, Prongslet." Sirius asked. "I saw Tom protecting some guy and a baby in his hands then Dumbledore pushed Tom to the side and Kill the guy Tom was protecting and that baby." Harry said. Everyone looked at him in shock. "Wait so what really going on?" Remus asked. "I know for a fact Tom not truly evil just pissed at Dumbly for killing whoever was that guy and that baby.
I will tell you more on how Draco an Harry got together later but this is what happen in third year so they could see the other side of each other. :iconewplz:

Did you guys Love the memory thing Harry. If you guys like dumbledore I suggest you guys find another story cause the next chapter is when the Character bashings begin. :iconhappyblueplz:

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