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Book 1: Summer Time Fun
Ch.3: Visiting Malfoy Manor

"Remus, is it ok that I can go to Draco's House?" Harry asked. Coming into the kitchen where Remus was preparing some tea. "It fine by me but don't forget your Friends are coming over at six." Remus said. Harry nodded his head and rushed out of the room. "Remus, I heard that Harry he is going over to the Malfoy manor do you now what this means." Sirius said. Coming into the kitchen and wrapped his arms around the werewolf's waist and kissed his neck.

"Sirius, Stop Harry is still here." Remus said. Pushing away his lover causing him to pout. "Fine."Sirius said before leaving the room. There was knock on the door. "I got it." Sirius said opening the door to find Draco standing their. "Hello Sirius, Is Harry here?" Draco asked. "Yeah come inside he should be down at any moment." Sirius said. Letting Draco inside to wait for Harry. Not soon after Harry came down stair wearing a simple back shirt and a pair of pants.

"Draco."Harry said excitedly. Rushing to kiss his boyfriend. But broke away when the heard a cough to find Sirius standing there. Harry felt his body Flame red. "Sorry Sirius." Harry mumbled out hiding his face in embarrassment. "It ok." Sirius said. Letting out a heavy chuckle. "Well we will be leaving, bye Sirius, Remus." Harry said. Before he and Draco went to the floo. "Bye Harry, Draco." Sirius said giving them a small wave.

Change Scene
Malfoy Manor

"Skippy." Draco called. Once he and Harry were out of the Floo. A puff of smoke an House elf appeared. "Yes, Young Master?" Skippy asked. "Where is my parents, and my godfather?" Draco asked. Skippy looked up at Draco and smiled. " In the foyer young master." Skippy said. Draco nodded his head and with another puff of smoke Skippy was gone. "Well lets go greet my parents and we will go upstairs to my room." Draco said.

Harry nodded his head and followed after his boyfriend. Once they came into the foyer. Nacrissa gave Draco and Harry a hug causing him to flich slightly which didn't go unnoticed. "Harry come sit down over here."Lucius said motion to the the empty couch across from him which was now occupied by Harry and Draco. "Harry, how was you childhood like?" Nacrissa asked. Harry looked up at her and looked back down at he his lap and began fidgeting. " can say it was... um... eventful." Harry said unsure.

"What happened that was so eventful." Severus asked. Harry looked down. "Well when I went to the zoo and I saw a snake and it was the first time I discover I could talk in parsletounge." Harry explained. They all looked at him in shock. "You went to the zoo alone?" Lucius asked. Harry shook his head. "No I wasn't alone I had my cousin family come with me and I accidentally freed the snake and locking my cousin inside." Harry smirked evilly.

Everyone looked at Harry in suprised how much an evil aura was seething off of Harry. "Harry if you don't mind me saying but it seems like you deserve to be a Slytherin." Draco said. Harry looked over at him and laughed a little. "I was suppose to be in Slytherin but I asked the sorting hat to place me in Griffindor." Harry said. Smirking when he saw all those shocked faces. "You asked the sorting House to place you in Griffindor." Lucuis asked. Harry nodded his head.

"Yeah." Harry looked over at the clock and saw it was getting close to Six. "Sorry I've to go my friend are going to be coming over soon." Harry said. Lucius ans Nacrissa nodded their heads in understatement. Draco got up and walked Harry to Floo. Harry leaned to kiss Draco passionately. "Bye Dray." Harry said flooing away. Draco smiled before going to return to his parents.

Change Scene
Marauder's place

"I'm back."Harry said. Coming into the living room to find his godfathers snuggled next to each other. Harry smiled light before snapping a picture before waking them up. "Harry welcome back."Sirius said groggily as he sat up. Remus growled but woke up anyway. "Sorry Remus." Harry said "It ok I'm just hate being woken up." Remus said. Not soon after there was a knock on the front door which Harry went to go open the door.

"Hey guys."Harry said. As Hermione, Ginny, Luna gave him a hug and Nevile and Ron came inside. They all came inside and went into the living room. Remus served them all tea as he and Sirius went upstairs. "Harry, do you like living here with Sirius and Remus?" Ginny asked. Harry nodded "Yeah it never gets boring around here." Harry said next. They all stayed over until eight when Arthur came to pick everyone up.
hope you enjoyed this chapter.

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