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MY Commission sheet, An example of my prose commission and a Fanfiction commission!


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Progress: Currently on Chapter 1


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Progress: Currently on Chapter 1

Please Donate if you can...I really would like some points

Okay I think writing commissions work so...

I will write (almost) any topic, anime,Cartoon,game, or pairing, etc...but be warned I might do something crazy if you don't give me strict rule or a strict topic ^^;

There are two ways you pick a type of Commission from me.

First one is why normal short and sweet type of writing where my normal length for chapter are 200 words to 1,200 words so not that very long.

One-shot-5 :points:
Two-shot-10 :points:
Short series(3-5 chapters)-20:points:
Medium series(6-9 chapters)-30 :points:
Long series(10+ chapters)-45 :points:

For those who want a demo-oneshot its 2:points: and basically it a fanfiction or a part of a fanfiction that i could produce for you if you pay one of the prices above.

Oh and first come, first serve...meaning I work on Commissions in the order I get them

Ummm...that's about all I have, please leave commissions in the comment box thingy...and I will have you pay right before I post up the story I am open!




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I'm Clueless Uke!

Having a good time is what you're all about. You're satisfied just to have someone to eat hamburgers and play video games with, and are completely oblivious to other's manipulative behavior. You don't expect much, and that can be a good thing. You're perfect prey for the Opportunist Seme, who might take advantage of you, but you probably won't even notice, or really care, as long as you're enjoying yourself.

Most compatible with: Opportunist Seme, Romantic Seme Least compatible with: Sadistic Seme, Don't Fuck With Me Seme


It had been five year since Lenalee was forcibly taken to the black order. The horrible things she had to endure to her body as well to the people her. There was a boy around her age that was also here but she rarely saw him do to he was often taken to the operation room where they did who knows what to him.

Soon it would be her turn, She winced at the thought of being strapped down onto the cold metal as they cut into her skin taking blood and injecting her with various fluids. She was currently  sitting in the far corner of her room in the fetal position.

“Brother, where are you?”  She thinks to herself as silent tears streams from her face as she buried her face into her legs and webbed. She truly left the room of her own free will when  need to eat food or go to the restroom.

She flinched as she felt the door open she pushed herself further into the corner of the room trying to make herself be invisible.

"Lenalee, the new Chief wishes to see you." One guard told her.

“Another pervert?” she thinks to herself before she got up and let out a sigh and started to walk towards the door, the Guard flinched as he saw her cold undead eyes. She let herself to be guided to the director’s office. She was confused when they walked passed the staircase that led up to the room instead headed down to where the Science department was. She was never aloud down there before.

Lenalee heard that they got a new director today but she had paid in no mind they would eventually call her to see her personally. She guessed that he wanted to see the Dark order's pet.

Finally as they reached the ground floor the guard called out to a nearby scientist who smiled as they saw her.

“Why is he smiling at me.” She thinks as she glares at the Scientist coldly.

"Director, Lenalee's here." The blonde Scientist as he gestured for her to follow him further into the room.

"Lenalee,” A familiar voice called out to her one she dreamed of every night “you  have gotten bigger already." Slowly lifting her head up she saw her brother that she had missed for the past five years.

"Komui." she said lowly before she moved over to her brother slowly as if he would fade away if she got to close as she watched her brother’s eye fill with tears  causing her own tears to fall  from her eyes.

"Lenalee.” Koumi yell taking his sister in his arms.  “ I’m so sorry Lenalee it took me so long to get to you. I'll never leave you again Lenalee." Komui said pulling her sister into a hug.

“Big Brother.” Lenalee cried loudly as she began to cry uncontrollably.
Forced apart then Reunited Part 2
Summary: The day Lenalee was taken away and reunited with her brother.

Part 1:[link]

This is part two of the twoshot. Tell me what you guys think.

:iconlenaleeplz: Family fic rule

:iconkoumiplz: defiantly with me and my darling lenalee in it.
A girl with long green hair smiled as she ran through the family garden playing with a new toy that her brother had made.  Jumping high into the air before falling down slowly as if she was floating.When she heard some foot steps approach her turning her head she saw two men wearing all black come towards her.

“Hello, Lenalee, Is your guardian here?” One man asked a he gave her a fake smile as he pulled down his black hood revealing his short blonde hair.

“Ummmm…..” Lenalee says as she slowly backs away and takes off into the main part of the house.

Running to the door slamming it open before closing it and running towards her brother’s study.

“Lenalee? What have I told you about slamming the door we just got it fixed you have to be more gentle with things.”  Her brother scolded before he took in his sister disheveled expression. “What wrong?”

Lenalee was panting heavily as she looked at her brother and yelled."Big brother there is some weird people at the door and they know my name." Lenalee said, running over to her brother hiding behind her brother.

"That's not very nice to say Lenalee." Komui said as he stood up. “Lenalee I want you to stay here and wait for me okay While I go talk to our guest.” Who are they and how do they know Lenalee not even many people in the village know her name.

“May I help you?" Komui started as he saw two cloaked figure standing in front of his door when he spotted the emblem on their jackets. “Please leave, we have nothing to offer the likes of you.” as he tried to close the door but a hand stopped in the middle of the door.

“My, My what the rush? I think we have much to discuss and as for what you can offer. I believe I already saw what I came here for.” The blonde says pushing his way into the others home. “Detain him. I going to go for the girl.”

“Wait.” Komui called out but he was grabbed by his arm and was held firmly in place.

"Come out, Lenalee. We just want to talk." The blonde says as he walked further into the house.

“Don’t listen to him, Lenalee. Run.” Koumi yelled to his sister before he gasped in pain as the other twisted his arm.

“Don’t hurt my big brother.” Lenalee say appearing behind the man that was holding Koumi and kicked him in the nuts causing him to drop Koumi and she rushed to her brother’s side.

"Lenalee, Run.” Komui pleaded to his sister.

"You brat.” The man that Lenalee kicked a few moment growled before he grabbed her by her hair “Revere we found her."

"Lenalee!" Komui yelled out to his sister trying to remove the man’s hold on his sister hair but he was pushed away.

“Good, we shall be taking our leave then, It was good doing business with you Mr.Lee.” Reever says as he grabbed Lenalee hand as his partner let go of her hair.

"Big brother." Lenalee yelled out to her big brother as she was dragged away from the house.

"Where are you taking my sister?" Komui yelled at Revere.

"Your sister is now in the custody of the Black order" Revere told him coldly as he left a shocked Komui standing there.

Komui snapped out of his daze and started running towards Lenalee. "I'll get you back I promise!" Koumi yelled to his sister as she was forced into a car.

“Brother.” Lenalee cried as tears were streaming down her face.
Forced apart then Reunited Part 1
Summary: The day Lenalee was taken away and reunited with her brother.

This is part two of the twoshot. Tell me what you guys think.

:iconlenaleeplz: Family fic rule

:iconkoumiplz: defiantly with me and my darling lenalee in it.

Part 2:[link]
Valentine’s Necklace

A man with perfect midnight black hair framed his pale white complexion as he slowly opened his eyes revealing the blood red iris, as he smiled while finishing a finishing the finishing touches on the the heart shaped cake for his young master and as well making his  favorite tea, Earl Grey.

By the his young master giving him the name Sebastian by the rules of their contract, he placed it on the cart and went to his master’s office.

Slowly making his way down the hall to nearby staircase ascending it up three flights of stairs he finally made it to the office. "Young Master." Sebastian says knocking on the door before dropping his hand to his side as he waited for his master’s response.

"Come in Sebastian." A young voice echoed through the mahogany wood says as Sebastian lifted his hand onto the door and pulled the door open and went inside.

"Young master, the desert I present to you is a chocolate gelato with your favorite tea." Sebastian says as he removed the lid of the cake and began to cut a slice of the cake and pour a cup of tea for him before looking over at blue haired child who had dark blue eyes that seemed to portray more than a child of his age should now about as one eye was covered with a black eye patch as he wore a blue tuxedo custom made for him.

Ciel grunted as he was organizing some papers before moving them aside to make way for his daily snack.

Sebastian said nothing as he placed the slice of cake and the cup of tea in front of the other not a moment later Ciel lifted the plate up with the cake on it and picked it up and lifted it up to his mouth to take a bite out of the cake.

Ciel once he finished chewing he looked up at Sebastian who was appearing to be waiting for something.

"What is it Sebastian?" Ciel asked looking over at his dedicated butler.

"Are you going to see lady Elizabeth today?" Sebastian asked.

"No I am much too busy today." Ciel told him as he set the cake aside and took a sip of his tea.

"I see Lady Elizabeth will be disappointed to know that you forgot about Valentine’s day.” Sebastian says.

“What! That is today!” Ciel says cough lightly as some of the tea he was drinking went into the wrong pipe and Sebastian instantly was at his side moving his hands in a circle.

“Are you okay, Young Master?” Sebastian asked worriedly.

“Yes, I am fine what time is Lizzy supposed to be coming?” Ciel asked.

“8 o’clock, Master Ciel.” Sebastian says.

“Sebastian can you do something special for me, I need you to make preparations for a ball tonight. I have to go fetch something.” Ciel says.

“Are you sure you will not need me, sir?” Sebastian asks.

“No, I  will not I merely going to the attic.” Ciel says as he rose up from his seat and began to move towards door. “I will be back soon.”

Walking out of the room, Ciel headed for the stairfcase that would lead him up to the attic where most of the stuff of his parents and his old life was being held.

Coughing slightly as he inhaled the scent of dust. When he grew accustomed to the air he began to move around searching the room for something.

“Where? Where is it?” Ciel asks himself as he looked around the room moving old games, portraits, books and random miscellaneous items that were covering the floor when out of Ciel's visible eye he spotted a familiar heart shaped cherry wood jewelry box.

Moving over to grab the box that he held in his hands looking down at before moving over to a nearby chair and sat down holding the box firmly on his lap before he put his hand to the lid of the jewelry box and lifted it up revealing a silver necklace which had a red heart pendant on it.

“Here it is Mother’s pendant. Lizzy will love it.” Ciel says before leaving the attic. Once he was safely down from the attic he went back to his office where he found his bell and picked it up off the desk and rang it once signaling for Sebastian to come to him.

It did not take more than five minutes before his trusty demon butler was behind his office door knocking on it.

“Come in Sebastian.” Ceil says as the dark haired butler entered the room.

“You called me Young Master?” Sebastian asked as he took a look at his master dusty form.

“Draw me a bath, I wish to get this dust off of me as soon as possible.” Ciel tells the demon.

“Right away young master.” Sebastian says. “Will that be all.”

“Could you prepare a light snack as well.” Ciel informs.

“Understood Young master.” Sebastian says before turning to leave the room.

When Ciel was notified that his bath ready he went quickly to take a bath to wash up, making sure that  all remnants of dust was off his body before leaving the tub to dress himself. When he was done he heard the bells chiming in the distance signalling the arrival of a guest.

Moving quickly he finished dressing and made his way down to the  flight of the stairs that was leading to the grand entrance where he was about to meet his guest.

“Welcome to the Phantomhive manor.” Ciel says as he slowly descended from the flight of stairs. He smiled as she saw her below.

“Happy Valentine’s Day, Lizzy.” Ciel Says as he takes ahold of her hand and pecked her on her cheek and held out the necklace too her.

“Wow, Ciel it so pretty.” Lizzy says as she brushed her finger against the heart shaped ruby.

“It belonged to my mother.” Ciel admitted as he put it onto her neck.  “I’m glad you like it.”

“Oh… Ciel…. I promise to take good care of it.” Elizabeth cried as she pulled her fiance into a hug.

“I know you will, Lizzy.” Ciel says.
It was a cold winter night it was all quiet in the Niwa residence. As a small red head boy around the age of twelve was in his bed snuggling deeply into the plush sheets which seemed to bury him.

The boy’s name was Daisuke Niwa, his family was very eccentric in all means but for Daisuke it was loving home with his two parents, grandpa and his lovable pet rabbit With.

Daisuke's room door cracked open as a woman with shoulder length blonde hair came into Daisuke room, it was his mother Emiko came into her son room and made her way over to her son's bed.
"Daisuke wake up." Emiko said shaking her son's shoulder. Daisuke groaned as he stirred awake.

"Mommy?" A sleepy eight year Daisuke whispered as he blinked his eyes several times to wake himself up.

"Its time to go to school already?"He asked as he sat up on his bed causing With to fall from his chest and land on the faint fluffy blue blanket.

"No Dai, daddy is leaving for a little bit don't you want to say goodbye to him?" Emiko asked as she gave her son a sad smile. Her son snapped his head and began to untangle himself from his sheets. Once this was done he jumped out of his bed.

Daisuke quickly made his way out of his room with his mother following after felt himself let out a sigh in relief as he saw his father in the living room.

"Daddy!" Daisuke yelled jumping into his father's arms.

"Daisuke, you’re up." Kosuke said picking his son up into his arms as he smiled as he felt Daisuke bury his face in the crock of his neck.

"Daddy, where are you going?" Daisuke asked innocently as he tried to fight the tears that threatened to fall from his eyes.

"To find a way to make you safe." Kousuke told him. Daisuke looked at his father confused was no the safe by their side

"But I am already safe with you and Mommy." Daisuke hugged Kosuke tightly as he finally began to cry as he clung to his father who was holding him equally tight.

Emiko reached out to take Daisuke from Kousuke. “I know you are safe with us but we will have to let you go soon my son.” Kosuke murmurs as his son looked at him with a small pout on his face.

"Bye Kousuke." Emiko said kissing her husband's cheek as she began to cry herself as she rocked her son in his arms.

"Bye." Kousuke said to his family before turning and exiting out the door only glancing back once to give his son a small wave.

“Bye daddy." Daisuke whispered one last time as the door closed and his father left.
Bye Daddy
Summary:Daisuke Niwa,  has to say goodbye to his father when he goes away to find a way to make sure he is safe when he meets his maiden when he turns fourteen.

Please leave comments I want to now if my oneshots are good.
Mature Content Filter is On
(Contains: sexual themes)
Valentine's Day Present

A man with shoulder length black hair was held back with a black and red bandana, while he wore a single dice earing that hanged on one side of his face as his emerald eyes flashed with mischief.

He smiled to himself as he held a box of chocolate in his hands as he arrived at his boyfriend's door. Pulling out the key that his boyfriend gave him and unlocked the door walking inside surveying that his boyfriend was yet awake. He set the chocolate on the table then started towards his  blonde boyfriend’s bedroom

When he came into the room he saw Joey handcuffed to the bed and he was stark naked and his legs were spread wide gulped as he walked over to Joey and looked down at the blonde who eyes were hazy with lust.

"Did you do this to yourself?" The darker haired of two asked as he grabbed a hold of blonde's inner thigh and began to fondle it softly. The blonde whimper as he nodded his head as he looked at the other with pure want.

"Where is the key? So I can give you want, Joey." Duke whispered as he leaned down to suck on Joey's collar bone before he removed the gag that Joey had in his mouth.

"It on the stand." Joey panted out as he looked over near the one by his bedside.

Duke gave a kiss to Joey's forehead before he got back up and grabbed the key and unlocked the handcuffs. Joey flung himself at Duke pulling him into a heated kiss. Duke moved away slightly and opened one of the drawers to the nightstand and pulled out a bottle of lube and handed Joey a bottle of lube.

"Prep yourself." Duke commanded as he leaned back against the backboard to watch Joey.

Joey sat down leaning against headboard spreading his legs giving Duke a good view of his red puckered hole. Joey dabbed his fingers into the oil and began to push one of his fingers inside began to prep himself. Duke felt himself grow hard watching him prep himself.

A moan released from Joey's lips made sent Duke off edge where he jumped up and yanked his pants along with undergarments off before he positioned himself at Joey's entrance and thrust in. He began a fast pace making Joey moan and grunted in pleasure with every thrust. Duke groaned as he came inside the boy. Joey smiled as he looked down at Duke.
Valentine's Day Present
I hope you guys like this Valentine's day tribute! Please leave comments!
1. How you felt about the story? Did I capture the prompt properly? Are the characters portrayed correctly? Did the story leave you wanting more? Did the Story Feel rushed or incomplete?

2. How was it length wise, did you like how long or short it was? Did you wish for parts to be longer or some shorter?

3. Grammar/Spelling Errors?

4. Did you Enjoy the story?

5. Was the process of getting your commission a long process? How long do did you wait for the commission to be finished?

6. Would you recommend me to others?

7. Would ever consider me for another commission?

Thank you for your commission and your support.

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