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Please Donate if you can...I really would like some points

Okay I think writing commissions work so...

I will write (almost) any topic, anime,Cartoon,game, or pairing, etc...but be warned I might do something crazy if you don't give me strict rule or a strict topic ^^;

There are two ways you pick a type of Commission from me.

First one is why normal short and sweet type of writing where my normal length for chapter are 200 words to 1,200 words so not that very long.

One-shot-5 :points: or $1
Two-shot-10 :points: $2
Short series(3-5 chapters)-20:points: $5
Medium series(6-9 chapters)-30 :points: $10
Long series(10+ chapters)-45 :points: $15

For those who want a demo-oneshot its 2:points: and basically it a fanfiction or a part of a fanfiction that i could produce for you if you pay one of the prices above.

Oh and first come, first serve...meaning I work on Commissions in the order I get them

Ummm...that's about all I have, please leave commissions in the comment box thingy...and I will have you pay right before I post up the story I am open!




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I'm Clueless Uke!

Having a good time is what you're all about. You're satisfied just to have someone to eat hamburgers and play video games with, and are completely oblivious to other's manipulative behavior. You don't expect much, and that can be a good thing. You're perfect prey for the Opportunist Seme, who might take advantage of you, but you probably won't even notice, or really care, as long as you're enjoying yourself.

Most compatible with: Opportunist Seme, Romantic Seme Least compatible with: Sadistic Seme, Don't Fuck With Me Seme


"Sasuke, come on you can't be mad at me forever."A boy in his early teens told his brother whom had the same black hair and eyes as his brothers but with a hint of blue in the hair and that the older of the two of them had longer hair. Sasuke looked down and shook his head.

"Yes, I can. Itachi you broke your promise to me  again and on today of all days as well." Sasuke said, pouting slightly. Even mother and father forgot my birthday I thought Itachi would be different and would remember my birthday.

Itachi sighed before he started to then crouching down then jumping up to where Sasuke was at and landed on the branch next to his brother. “I’m sorry Sasuke, maybe some other time." Itachi told him while flicking his young brother's forehead. “Now let's go home.”

Sasuke pouted even harder then before he wrapped his arms around his brother’s neck and allowed his brother to take him in his arms. Burying his face into the other’s side and mumbling,"Fine, let's go home."

Itachi smiled taking his Little brother form and placed him on his back before he started to leap tree to tree heading for the Uchiha district. Soon as the neared the entrance Itachi let Sasuke down and grabbed a hold of Sasuke's hand and started to walk towards their house. On their way back Itachi let Sasuke ride on his back. They walked through the village passing Shinobi , citizen alike.

They even seen a girl yelling at a silver haired man about Dango. Which they looked at them surprised at she began throwing everything at the Silver haired man for stealing one of her dango. They continued to walk home passing the Uchiha task force.

"Hey Itachi, do you think one day I could make father proud of me." Sasuke asked. Locking eyes with elder brother. "Yes, you will and you will be the strongest Uchiha of us all," Itachi told him.

Sasuke smiled brightly at his brother. They finally made it to the entrance to the Uchiha district as they walked through they were greeted by many of their clan members. They approached their house and Itachi let Sasuke off of his shoulders and sat him on the ground before Itachi grabbed Sasuke's hand and they walked into there house together.

"Were home!" Sasuke yelled, as he and his brother headed to the living room. Itachi flickered on the lights.

Mikoto, and their grandparents jumped out of their hiding places surprising Sasuke and screamed, “Happy Birthday, Sasuke!”

"Mom, what is this all about?" Sasuke asked. Mikoto smiled at her youngest son.

"It’s your birthday after all Sasuke." Fugaku told his son. Sasuke grinned widely.
Sasuke was showered in tons of present as well he got to celebrate his birthday one last time with his family.
Happy Birthday Sasuke Uchiha 2012
I hope you guys are enjoying the story. Please leave comments down below. Commission are open. Request are open, Challenges are waiting to be accepted. If you have ideas about Next year Birthday Bash for Naruto please send me a PM as well if you have any of the listed things before this one.
Sakura Haruno

A Pink haired girl with shoulder length hair walked through the village with a smile present on her face as she thought about the party that her parents were preparing for her like every year.

The only difference is this year that, she finally worked up to ask her teammate Sasuke Uchiha to attend her birthday party and he said sure as long as he could bring someone.  ‘I surely hope it is not another girl who is prettier than me.’ She thought walking towards the market area to pick up some supplies for her team's next mission.

As she finished buying what she needed she thought she heard a voice scream out her name, turning her head towards where the scream was coming from she saw a familiar green clad jumpsuit teen running towards her.

“Oh hi, Lee.” Sakura greeted him once he was in speaking distance.

"Good Day to you as well,Sakura-chan. As well Happy Youthful Birthday!" Lee said as he held out some flowers and chocolate to him.

"Thanks Lee." Sakura said smiling at him before he beamed at her before excusing himself to leave since he had to meet up with his own team for their mission. Turning  she started towards the hokage tower to continue her training with Lady Tsunade. She entered the hokage's room to find Lady Tsunade hung over on the table.

"Lady Tsunade, are you alright?" Sakura asked looking at Tsunade worriedly.

"Sakura, of course I am fine I heard it was your birthday and decide to celebrate by drinking  but since you can't I will drink for you." Tsunade mumbled drunkenly. Sakura smiled at her and went over to go help her sober up.

"Even without the party I guess today was good day overall." Sakura said as she took Tsunade home. “I mean Sasuke coming is a bonus though.”
Sakura Haruno
I hope you enjoy this story. I hope you guys will be good enough to leave a comment down below. Commission are open. Request are open. Challenges are waiting to be accepted. If you have ideas for next year birthday bash or anything I listed before please send me an PM Message.
"Such a Youthful day!" A black haired teenager with a bob haircut says as he looked out of his window and out his village that was buzzing with life. Coming from his position from the window he grabbed his usual green jumpsuit and slipped it on. Before going to put his shoes on and quickly went out and running to his team was supposed to meet up.

“Good morning, Tenten, Neji.” Lee greeted with a big smile.

“Good morning Lee.” Tenten Greeted as Neji just nodded his to his teammate.

“Where is Gai-Sensei?” Lee asked glancing around in hopes to find him but it was futile until a kick came flying him his way sending him flying crashing into a nearby tree.

“Good morning guys, I hope you guys are ready for today’s training.” Gai-sensei “Oh and Lee, I am going to extra hard on you since today is your birthday.”

"Really, Gai-Sensei! That is the best present ever." Lee yelled excitedly.

"Then let's get started then shall we." Gai said as they began to train. Lee was so excited he rushed into action.

"I don't think that counts as a present." Ten-ten said.

"It’s not but it better not to get involved Ten-ten." Neji told her as they began their own training.
Rock Lee's Birthday 2012
Here is an old revamped fanfiction from 2012. Tell me what you think in the comments below. If you have ideas about next year birthday send me a pm message. Commission are open. Request are open and Challenges are being accepted.
"Kakashi-sensei, where are you? I know you are here" A ten year old blonde boy wearing an orange and blue jumpsuit began to yell around a open training ground. “Kakashi-Sensei!”

Nearby ontop a huge oak tree stood a man who was crouching down on a branch,  He had shaggy grayish white hair that was being held back by Konoha headband as he wore the standard Jounin outfit. What does this Kid want with me we just saw each other a few hours ago. Letting out a dejected sigh. Kakashi jumped down from the tree and stood several feet away from the other. “What is it that you want Naruto?”as he gave his teacher son with a bored look on his face.

“Kakashi-sensei, their you are. I have been looking all over for you. Where have you been? I even went by your house earlier.” Naruto rambled as he glared slightly at his aloof teacher.

“Maaaa…. Sorry about that Naruto, I have been a bit busy. Wait, how did you figured out where I lived?” Kakashi questioned.

“That is a secret. I am not obligated to give away my sources, but anyway Kakashi-sensei, I wanted to give you this.” Naruto say as he pulled out a box wrapped in bright orange wrapping paper. “It is your birthday today right. So happy Birthday Sensei.”

“Thank you Naruto but I want you to know that my birthday was actually yesterday.” Kakashi informed his student as he looked crestfallen.

“What really. Damn it but you will still take my present right Sensei?” Naruto asked as he outstretched his box at hand.

Kakashi looked at the box hesitantly before nodding his head. Taking the box from the orange clad boy.

“You can unwrap it whenever Sensei. I’m off to do some training.” Naruto says before running off god knows where.

Kakashi looked at the box before unraveling the box to see that on top was two coupons to Ichikaku Ramen and The Next Volume of Icha Icha Paradise which was signed by Jiraiya. ‘This is actually a pretty cool present but it is strange how did he get the book you have to be older than eighteen to buy.’
Kakashi's Birthday 9/15/12
I hope you enjoy this drabble.

Commission are open.
Request are open.
Challenges are open.

Please go to my page for more details.
"Jiraiya-sensei." A blonde with blonde hair which was spiked up straight into the air but  was being held back by the Konoha’s headband with this he was wearing the jounin standard outfit  as he ran towards the man with  waist-length, spiky white hair usually tied back into a ponytail, with two shoulder-length bangs that framed both sides of his face, underneath his eyes  were red lines that ran down as he also wore a horned forehead protector along with green short shirt kimono and matching pants; under which he wore mesh armour that showed out of the sleeves and legs of his outfit. His outfit was completed with hand guards, a simple black belt, wooden sandals, a red haori with two simple yellow circles on each side, and a scroll on his back.

"Minato, What  are you doing here? I thought you had to do some paper work at the hokage tower." Jiraiya relays as he leaned up against the hole he was peeping from, as he looked up at his student who was smiling knowingly.

"I need you to come with me, right away." Minato said urgently as he turned with a serious expression in which Jiraiya understood. “This way.” Minato turned and began to head back to the Namikaze residence.

“So what is it that is so urgent Minato?” Jiraiya asked as they were safely inside of the Minato’s house. “Lets go sit down then we can talk.” Minato says as he began to walk to the living room, Jiraiya’s eyebrows furrowed together but nodded his head when he sensed his sensei’s chakra in the living area along with Kushina’s chakra.

Upon Entering the Living room, they saw that Kushina was now pouring four sets of tea, Minato sat beside his wife and the open seat across from the Sarutobi was open. Taking it Jiraiya waited for one of them to begin to start to explain the situation to him.

“I will be back, I need to get some snacks with the tea.” Kushina said as she slowly stood up and went into the kitchen.

“So what is this urgent thing that we needed to talk about Minato?” Jiraiya asked as he lifted the  teacup to his lips as he took a tentative slip from the hot cup.

“Jiraiya, do you know what they say is?” Sarutobi asked as he looked at his student with a serious expression.

“I believe it a thursday, what does the date matter with anything?” Jiraiya questioned looking at his sensei.
“It has everything to do with the matter, Sensei.” Minato tells him, causing Jiraiya to cast him a sideways glance.

Soon Kushina came back into the room holding a small rectangular box, sitting back into her old seat next to her husband. Placing the box at the center of the table. Slowly she lifted off the top when she did.

Sarutobi and Minato tells Jiraiya, “Happy birthday.”

Jiraiya looked at the surprised as he saw that Kushina was now lighting the candles. To day is my birthday so that why Minato said it was urgent. “Thank you guys for reminding me that it is today.”
Jiraiya Birthday 2012
Please leave comments.

Commission are open.
It was a long way to go from the fall semester to the spring semester but I did it will very good grades that I'm proud to say. i hope to publish alot more that now I have free time. So please keep a look out on the stuff.  I have published several new works on my page so please go check them out. I'm still learning and improving, so i hope you guys can live with me for a while longer.

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