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Please Donate if you can...I really would like some points

Okay I think writing commissions work so...

I will write (almost) any topic, anime,Cartoon,game, or pairing, etc...but be warned I might do something crazy if you don't give me strict rule or a strict topic ^^;

There are two ways you pick a type of Commission from me.

First one is why normal short and sweet type of writing where my normal length for chapter are 200 words to 1,200 words so not that very long.

One-shot-5 :points: or $1
Two-shot-10 :points: $2
Short series(3-5 chapters)-20:points: $5
Medium series(6-9 chapters)-30 :points: $10
Long series(10+ chapters)-45 :points: $15

For those who want a demo-oneshot its 2:points: and basically it a fanfiction or a part of a fanfiction that i could produce for you if you pay one of the prices above.

Oh and first come, first serve...meaning I work on Commissions in the order I get them

Ummm...that's about all I have, please leave commissions in the comment box thingy...and I will have you pay right before I post up the story I am open!




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I Told You So!
Part 2

"Is that Jamie over there?" Deuce says catching the attention of Draculaura and Frankie who looked over at the front gates and recognized Jamie.

"Yeah that Jamie alright. " Frankie said as Jamie started  laughing.

"But who is he with?" Draculaura questioned as Deuce and Frankie shrugged their shoulders.

“Well lets just go say hello.” Frankie suggested looking at her two friends who nodded their heads before they started to head over towards the gate.

“Hey, it Jamie What is up, dude?” The Deuce said as his snakes began to hiss he snapped his fingers to get them to stop. Before they watched the people that was with Jamie faint and fall to the floor causing the three of them to rush over.

“Oh my Ghoul are they alright?” Draculaura asked Jamie once they stood in front of the gate.

“Yeah they should be fine they just fainted though,” Jamie told her as he check the gang for any injuries.

“Well we can’t just leave them in front of the gate like this.” Frankie said.

“I’m on it.” Deuce said as he pulled out his coffin a dialed Clawd number. “Yo Clawd do you think you can give me a hand I’m at the front gate and some of Jamie’s friends just fainted in front of the gate so if you could gather some of the guys to carry them to infirmary that would be cool.“

After a moment of silence, Deuce smiled and said thank you before looking back at Jamie. “They will be here soon so lets open the gate.”

“Right.” Frankie said as she removed the lock to the front gate. Before Deuce slowly began to push them open causing the doors to creak loudly.

Draculaura quickly went to their side checking for any injures, when finding none she told her friends that they were okay just unconscious from fainting.

“Well I can at least carry one of them inside can you three handle another one?” Deuces asked them as he lifted Velma into his arms.

“Yeah we can do it if we work together.” Frankie chimed in.

“That’s good.” Deuces said before he heard someone calling his name from behind him, glancing back he saw that it was Clawd, Heath, Holt, Cleo, Gil, Lagoona, Abbie and Clawdeen behind him and they were now heading over to them.

“Who is that Normie in your arms Deuce!” Cleo yelled at her boyfriend as she started to glare at the red head girl.

“I don’t know her name exactly but these are Jamie’s friends they fainted in  front of the school gates so I was going to take them to the infirmary until they woke up.” Deuces told his girlfriend before looking over at the guys. “Clawd, Heath, Holt could you guys help me take them to the infirmary.”

“I shall help as well.” Abbie said, as she walked over picking up both Scooby Doo and Shaggy over her shoulder.

Clawd grabbed Fred, while Holt and Gil  took care of Daphne before they started to head towards the school and went to the infirmary.

“What caused them to faint though?” Clawdeen asked looking at Jamie.

“Well these guys are mystery solvers proving that ghouls and monster like you don’t exist.  So they fainted when they realized that you guys were real.” Jamie informed them.

“I see… So what are their names?” Lagoona inquired.

“Well the girl that Deuce is holding is the Brains of the operation, Velma. Clawd carrying the trap expert Fred. Holt and Gil are taking the practical yet beautiful Daphne. While Abbie is carrying my cousin, Shaggy and his dog, Scooby Doo.” Jamie tells them as they finally made it to the infirmary and laid each of them down onto a bed.

"Come on you guys let's go see what is up?" Lagoons said as she stepped forward and began there stroll over to the Normies.

“So when do you think they will wake up?” Gil asked as he looked at them worriedly.

“No worries, I came prepared for this.” Jamie said as he pulled out a vial of smelling salt and placed it under their noses one by one. One after the other they began to wake up.

"Man that was a nightmare I dreamed that Jamie took a Monster High School funny right, Scooby." Shaggy relayed as he looked over at his best friend.

"Yeah it was a nightmare." Scooby grunted out as he held his paw up to his head.

"Oh My Rah that dog just talked." Cleo said as she blinked her eyes several times in surprise causing the gang to scan the room realizing that it was not a dream.

"Well since you are all finally awake I can finally introduce you the Ghouls and the guys. Gang remember to breath they will not hurt you. " Carl said. "Cleo De Nile is the daughter of the Mummy, Clawd and Clawdeen are the son & daughter of the Werewolf. Lagoona is the daughter of a salt water Sea Monster, Gil is the son of freshwater monster. Abbie is daughter of the abominable snowman, Draculaura is the daughter of Dracula. Frankie is the daughter of Frankenstein. Deuce is the son of Medusa, Heath is son of a fire terminal monster. Last is Jackson Jekyll and Holt Hyde the sons of Doctor Jekyll and Mister Hyde."

"Wait but how can their be both Jackson and Holt when their father was only one person.” Velma asked instantly looking at the odd number of name but not enough faces.

“No Jackson is not her, Holt is the one in charge right now.” Frankie said gesturing to Holt that was beside here.

“Then how does he turn into Holt?" Velma questioned again.

"Play any type of music and immediately he will change into Holt and when music is off he turns back into Jackson." Deuce explained.

“Fasinating.” Velma says as he looked at Holt who now removed his headphones allowing Jackson to take over.

"So, Can your really turn people into stone, forever?" Fred asked looking at Deuce.

“Well no actually. I can only turn people into stone for a couple of hours before they return to normal.”Deuce informs Fred.

"So what about you drink blood?" Daphne asked Draculaura.

"Heavens no I get queezy around  just around the site of blood." Draculaura told her.

"What about a stake?" Scooby asked.

"Of course I mean who would not that kill." Draculaura said,

"So is Holt really violent like Mister Hyde?" Fred asked.

"No Holt really laid back he more of a party animal." Jackson told them.

"Heath do you have any special powers?" Daphne asked.

"Yeah watch." Heath said as he began to conjure up flames in his hands as his hair started to go on fire.

"That Cool dude." Shaggy told him

"Thanks." Heath said.

“So guys are sibling, do you have like super good hearing, sight and smell?” Velma asked looking at the werewolf siblings.

“Yeah. Are senses are better than most.” Clawdeen answered.

Scooby watched Abbie as snow was falling down around her. Noticing his gaze Abbie formed a snowball in her hands in front of him.

“Cool.” Scooby said in awe.

“Yeah, Gil and Lagoona are great swimmer and can talk to sea creatures.” Frankie told them as he hand flew off in excitement as Clawd caught her arm and gave it back to her. “ Thanks Clawd.”

“So they really are real then.” Shaggy whispered to his cousin.

“Yeah of course they are real. Like I told you before. I told you they were real.” Jamie said with a laugh as he watched them interact with one another.
Glass Cage

"Brother." A blonde man said who was wearing a steel chest pad and blue tights as he stood outside of the glass chamber. The man spun around glaring at the blue eye man.

"What do you want, Thor?" The man growled as his black curls bounced on his shoulders as he sat on the floor of his cell as we wore a green outfit trimmed with gold.


"Calm down, brother. We shall return home soon." Thor told him as Loki scoffed at him and turned away as he Thor asked Heimdall to open the Bifrost.

"You are an idiot if you believe father would allow me to come back unscathed." Loki thought to himself as he felt a rush of pure energy surrounded them.

"Brother, Father shall never hurt you but you must learn that your actions have consequences just had I when I was sent to earth for what occurred in Jotunheim." Thor tried to reassured Loki.

"I'm sure you don't understand the intensity of this situation. That with the knowledge of my birth was made public I will be condemned to die even if Allfather still considers me to be his son." Loki stated.

"I do understand, brother!" Thor retorted. “I know our people will bare some distrust in you but you are a crown prince and Father would never kill you no matter what your crimes were.”

"Enough of this..." Loki said, “Just take us inside.”

"As you wish but mother wishes to see you." Thor said as he asked a nearby guard of where his mother was and upon learning her location he led his brother to their mother.

Frigga was pacing back and forth when their was a knock on her door. “Come in.” Turning to the door she let out a gasped as she saw her youngest son being escorted by her elder. “Oh Loki.” She whispered as she rushed towards him pulling him into a hug that he subconsciously relaxed in his mother’s hold.

“It is a pleasure to see you as well...Mother.”Loki whispered low enough just for her to hear and brought tears to his mother eyes.

Not a second later, their was a knock on the door when getting permission to enter, a guard informed them that AllFather requested their presence immediately.

*End of Flashback*

“You must really be desperate if you are coming to my glass prison for my help.” Loki said looking at his brother from the reflection of the glass to see the Thor was glaring at him.

“Get up and prepare to leave.” Thor order before turning to leave Loki by himself.
Diana Simmons a lovely woman with shoulder length black hair piercing blue eyes was walking to a grand five star Hotel like she was on a mission, but in reality  she was a bit late to put it simply.

She was late for her date with Alexander Luthor also know as Lex Luthor this was their semi-annual date since they were together four months they would meet up twice a month. Not saying that they did not talk or meet to each other another way but this was their date night.

She knew if anyone in the league found out none would trust her ever again and even more so for Lex. They agreed not to talk about Superhero or villain stuff when they were around each other at treated one another with respect and rather just being some they could talk about normal stuff with.

She walked over to the reception desk, telling her who the reservation was under before grabbing her key and walking over to the elevator before taking it all the way to the penthouse suite. She unlocked the door listening for Lex but she could not hear anything to suggest he was awake or even their. Letting out a sigh in relief she stepped inside before locking the door.

"Your late, Diana." A deep baritone voice said. That caused Diana to smile slightly before turning around to see a Lex Luthor wearing an unbutton dress shirt and a pair of pajama bottoms. Walking over to the man she wrapped her arms around his neck as his lay on her hips before dipping her head down to steal a kiss.

"I'm sorry, I got caught up at work." Diana says after she pulled away from him to give him a sheepish look.

"Its fine.” Lex started as he lead her towards the kitchen. “I hope you're hungry I made Grilled Chicken & Cheese sandwiches." As he presented her with two triangle cut sandwiches waiting for her.

"Aww…. Your so sweet I love when you make these." Diana replied as she picked up the sandwich and took a bite out of it moaning at the taste.

"I'm glad you like it." Alexander said giving her a smile as he watched her finish off the rest of the sandwich as he passed her a thing of Lays chips.

“We are still on for that movie, right?" Diana said pulling away slightly before grabbing her plate and headed to the living room.

"Of course we are, as long A walk to remember, Again I mean after several times watching it does not get you to cry after a while." Lex relays as he followed her out of the kitchen.

"Well that too bad were watching it again." Diana said gleefully as she sat down on the brown love seat couch. Lex groaned about watching it once more before giving up as he was handed the movie to put it in the dvd player and went back to sit down.

As the movie started Diana snuggled close to Lex her head lay against his chest as he wrapped an arm around he waist. "So what happened at work today?" Diana said looking up  at Lex before looking back at the movie.

"Nothing out of the ordinary just received another Death threat. Other that nothing really interesting happened." Lex said as he looked at her briefly.

"Death threats are not something that I need to be concerned about this is your 5th one in the past month." Diana stated as worry was evident in her voice.

"Diana, you do not need to worry. I have the best security in the world the only one stupid enough to come bargaining in their either wants a death wish or is Superman." Lex told her sarcastically.

“Lex.” Diana said warningly. Lex put his hand in surrender before he remembered that he did get a strange visitor.

“I had forgotten but Bruce Wayne, came to my office today." Lex replied, Diana instantly rose an eyebrow in disbelief.

"Whatever for?" Diana question.

"To formal ask me to attend his wedding with the one and only Selina Kyle." Lex told her making her mouth drop in disbelief.

"Serious?" Diana asked and Lex simply nodded his head yes.

"Well that was shocking." Diana stated before turning her attention back to the movie.

"Indeed." Lex Agreed.

Lex excited the limo as paparazzi began to flash a thousands pictures of him as he walked towards the Reception hall. Walking into Reception hall he saw that Bruce Wayne & Selina Kyles wedding decor fit their personalities to a T. Their was small amount hidden bats and cats on tables and on walls. A single solid gold and crystal chandelier was hanging from the ceiling.

Much to his dismay as he walked a further into the hall is that he spotted Clark Kent aka paparazzi from the Daily Planet was also present. "Why Hello, Mr. Kent." Lex said walking over to the reporter.

"Greetings Mr. Luthor, What a pleasant surprise to see you here." Clark said as  it sounded forced coming from the man as he rose up from his seat and gave Lex a once over before holding his hand out to the man.

"What could I do when Mr. Wayne personally came to invite me to his joyous event. I could not say no even if I wanted to which I did not I still would have come since I am his friend, Mr. Kent." Lex told him.

"Is that so." Clark's was tight felt angry he had gotten a letter informing him of the wedding but no Lex Fucking Luthor had gotten a personal invitation to the wedding.

Lex grabbed a glass of champagne off one of the passing waiters that were carrying the glasses as he spotted Diana wearing a dark blue dress that hugged her in all the right places coming towards them.

"Clark, Mr. Luthor isn't this a pleasant surprise." Diana said greeting the two of them with a smile.

"Ms. Simmons, you look ravishing." Lex said as he returned the smile that was offered to him.

"Why thank you Mr. Luthor." Diana said trying to hide her blush.

"No please call me Alexander." Lex said as he extend his arm to her. “May I accompany you to your seat?”

"Only if you call me Diana." Diana said continuing the playful banter before they started to head towards the rows of seats.

Clark glared hard at Lex before moving to head in the opposite way of the two of them.

"My my, what a jealous  man." Lex told her.

“Oh stop it Lex we should have not been poking fun at him he is very sensitive about these things sometimes.” Diana said as she glanced over at Clark who was now taking pictures of the venue.

"Mr. Wayne you may kiss your bride." The priest told him as everyone around them stood waiting for the kiss that would seal the deal between the two of them.

Bruce did not need to be told twice he quickly leaned down and pulled his new wife into a kiss. Cheers broke and flashes went off as the married couple kissed.

Clark let out a dejected sigh. "What wrong Smallvile you jealous." A familar voice said from behind him.

"Lois!" Clark said as his face lit up as he spotted his fellow reporter.

"You think I would miss this wedding then you truly do have your heads in the clouds Farm
boy." Lois said pulling Clark into a hug before the happy couple walked down the hall and out of the room.

"I thought you said you would not be back until next week." Clark said as he grabbed his coat as he and the rest of the guest went outside the venue for the throwing of the bouquet.

"Well I lied I wanted it to be a surprise." Lois said kissing Clark cheek softly, as she knew her boyfriend was honestly shocked.

"It so good to have you back Lois." Clark tells her as the Selina and Bruce came out hand in hand before Selina let go of her new husband and tossed the bouquet into the air.

"I'm so glad that I was missed." Lois replied with a smile on her face as her eyes trailed after bouquet the was slowly descending from the sky and some random girl had caught it in her arms.

"We look at that," Lex said catching Diana attention, "His anchor is back." as he was looking a Lois and Clark

Diana scowled at him playfully and hit him softly. “Just be happy, now we won’t have to worry about him and  Ms. Lane is back safe and sound from China."

"True," Lex said rubbing his arm softly he knew she was holding back but she still did pack a punch as they were heading to the last thing of the Reception Party.

"Come on the the night is just beginning." Diana said pulling him inside the hall where the after party would be held.

Diana looked at her friend happily but something swelled inside her wishing that she and Lex could be like them. But she knew to the other Leaguers her love would seem sinful to fall in love with enemy number one. To her Amazon sister her love was forbidden. In truth she loved this man named Alexander Lionel Luthor even if her love was Forbidden and Sinful.

All the same it was her sweet Forbidden and Sinful Love.

"Superman, sit down! We have much to discuss." Batman ordered as he and Martian Manhunter came back into the room glaring at the kryptonian as he took his seat at the table as the other Justice League members came in and sat down.

Superman let out a grunt but to his seat across from Batman. “Why would Diana breakout Lex Luthor, Bruce?!" Superman demanded rather than asked as he looked ready to pull his hair out.

"We have found out the reason but I will not indulge you in the information until we locate Diana and Lex Luthor, so until then we must keep a strict coverup none is allowed to speak to the press and we will take rounds going to Diana city to protect it as a procation." Bruce told everyone as he looked at martian manhunter before he rose from his seat and walked out of the room before heading to his private office to see if he could get any leads on the two’s location.

"Argh, Fine if you need me I will at work." Clark said as he walked out of the watch tower with an annoyed look.

"Well that could have gone better. " Flash says as he looked at other league members who nodded their heads in agreement.

"Diana, are you sure you’re okay?" Lex asked as he walked out from the shower as a towel was loosely wrapped around his waist.

Diana looked up from the book she was reading as she lay on the bed at him and asked,
"Yes, Alex. I am fine why do I look unwell to you?" Walking up to him laying a hand on his chiseled chest.

"You look divine but that doesn’t mean that you are not battling inner turmoil right now. So you are worrying me a bit." Lex said as he threaded his fingers into her thick black locks before cupping her cheek in his hand before leaning in to peck her on the lips then added, "Diana you know we can always go back."

"No, It fine. I like where we’re now because if we go back we would be surely separated and I don’t want that at all." Diana told him as she wrapped her hands around his waist as she snuggled close to her chest.

"Oh Diana, I want us to be together too, but we can't hide forever the League will find us one day." Lex said as he kissed her temple and held her tight.

"Yeah, you’re right but just for a little why let us stay this way." She mumbled.

"Martian manhunter to watch tower." The martian called as the search was still on for Diana it had been one year since her and Lex Luthor’s disappearance, they had gotten some clues but nothing definite but that changed when the Martian felt something as he was flying off the coast of Mexico.

"Watch tower to Manhunter, what the situation?" Bruce asked as he patched himself through to the Martian communication device.

"I found something suspicious, I am currently off the coast in Mexico. I sense a presence of a giant mass like an island but I can see anything for miles." The martian man answered.

"What?!" Bruce questioned as he began to look at the satellite scan from the last hour in off the coast of Mexico but he could not find any islands that were out of the ordinary. “Are you sure there's something their? I can’t pick it up on the satellite scans either.”

"Yes. I’m sure I found an unidentified island because I am now touching it’s force field." Martian Manhunter informed as he was pressing a hand against the barrier that was sparking electricity at his hand.

"Alright, stay in position. I’m leaving now." Batman replied before he cut off communication and headed towards the the Batjet. “Batman to Superman rendezvous at these coordinates.”

“Roger that.” Superman said after a minute of silence.

Upon arrival Batman recognized the technology as something that Lex luthor had made before but it was slightly different because it had a few tweaks that were similar to his own hologram device.

“Interesting.” Batman said as he started to work on disarming the cloaking system as he was finishing the last of the device system to override it Superman arrived.

“So what up bats?” Superman asked but he was ignored by the man then the force field began to dissolved which revealed the island which ton of fruit and greenery and in the center of the island was a mansion.

“An island, so I was right but their should not be any islands in this area.” Martian Manhunter relays to Batman.

"Proceed caution." Batman said as he lowered his Jet near the base of the island as Superman and Manhunter landed next to the ship. “Lets go.” as he finished exiting his ship and was now standing in the middle of the two aliens and started to walk towards the mansion.

Superman, Martian Manhunter, and Batman made it to the front lawn of said mansion they hid in the bushes waiting to see if anything happened it was twenty minutes later when the front door open and Lex Luthor came out holding a glass of red wine.

Superman stepped forward to apprehend the criminal Batman quickly held out his arm to stop him from doing something foolish. Not long after Diana came out by his side holding something in her arms.
When they realized that is was a little baby girl that looked around two months old.  Diana smiled as she passed the little baby over to Lex the baby had short black tresses and big cobalt eyes that was look at her father with wonder.

Wonder Woman stood at alert as she heard something ruffle in the woods in front of the mansion quickly moving in front of her daughter and Lex.

"Who's there?!" Diana asked as she looked at lex out of the corner of her eyes and motioned  with her had for Lex to go back inside with their daughter. Lex slowly stood up and went inside the house but not before looking at her then moved quickly inside.

Soon Batman, Superman and Martian Manhunter stood in front of her.

"Wonder Woman..." Batman greeted as he slowly approached his ex-comrade.

"Batman, Martian Manhunter,...Superman." Diana greeted back as she eyed them wearily.

"Give us Lex Luthor and come quietly!" Superman ordered as he stalked towards the other with anger fueling him.

"I don't know who you are trying to order around Superman but you might want to rethink your priorities since you're not taking me or Lex back without a fight.!" Diana snarled as she took an offensive position.

"Wait!" Lex said as he came out of the house walking out to stand by Diana’s side.

"Lex?! Go back inside with Athena." Diana told him but he shook his head no.

"No, I have an reasonable proposal that they need to hear.” Lex said before looking at Bruce who nodded his head as if was interested in proposal. “I will go back with you today if I get a fair trial and unbiased jury. I will stay her in confinement and be watched by whomever you choose.”

"No Lex. You don’t need to do this!" Diana argued as she looked at him appalled.

"I need to think what best for Athena and you. " Lex told her. “In return you will leave Wonder woman and Diana alone to stay here as well I will do any sentence I am given all that I request is that I spend imprisonment here on the island where I can still see my daughter.

"Alright." Batman agreed. “But their will be some changes to your proposal. You will come with us today be held at the watchtower until your court date and I request you Diana to go check on your city because your people are worried. I will get you a fair trial. At the start of the case I will allow you to come back here for but you will be under league watch 24/7. We have no need to punish you or your daughter so she and Diana will be fine. As for you prison time we will decide where you will be staying after you get your sentence.”

They were taken back to Metropolis where they had their trial take place. The case went on for 4 months before it was decided that he would do time for his crimes of 5 years in house arrest and five years probation.

Currently it was Lex’s 3 year on house arrest when he heard his little girl call out to him.

"Daddy, daddy look what I can do!" Athena exclaimed as she flew into the air and directly into his arms.

"Good job, Athena." Lex praised as he held his little girl. “You’re a chip of the old block.

Diana watched her husband and daughter underlying as they play on the front lawn of  the mansion.

"Richard!" Athena yelled as she ran to the little bat as Richard and his father came from the Bat Ship that landed a little was from the ship.

Next soon Superman landing down with his son Connor along with Martian Manhunter with his niece and finally but not least Flash with his nephew Wally. They all played together while the parents watched them from a distance.

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A teen with tri-colored hair of the colors yellow, black, and purple with piercing amethyst eyes who was wearing drape like pants, a puzzle necklace with an egyptian eye at the very center stared out his room at the balcony before standing up and walking over to the balcony pushing the drapes out of his way he walked out to the balcony to see many of his subjects were  working, living, playing and so were suffering all around him.

Inhaling deeply allowing the fresh air enter his lungs and escape from his mouth as his eyes closed and reopened before he looked out to see his domain. Thinking of the prosperity of his kingdom which stood tall and was strong, and soon his people will as well.

There was a knock on the door before he could answer the door was opened his cousin stepped into the room.

"Atem, it is time." A tan brown haired man told him as he came into the room and shut the door before leaning up against the door with a bored expression on his face.

"I know Seth, I’m coming now." Atem told him as he gave one last glance at his kingdom beyond the balcony and went back inside his room and went over to stand in front of his cousin. “Lets go.” With that the two left the room in silence before Seth disturb the silence.

"Have you read over the plans that must be discussed, cousin?" Seth asked as they made a left and continued down a another long hallway. Soon they came a huge entrance where the ceiling walls went up ten feet into the air with marble podiums outline to a single room at the center of the room.

"Yes of course, the poverty of lower the class, reconstruction, the building of the tomb for millennium items and the announcement." Atem listed on the topic in which he needed to discuss with the council today because as of today the entire kingdom was about to go through a lot of changes.

"As well they will be question of your marriage plans." Seth reminded him, as he let out a groan as he could not fathom why the council could not accept Yugi as their new queen.

"I will try and remember that, Seth." Atem told him as they walked in silence for the rest of the way to the meeting hall where the council was most likely waiting for him and Seth to arrive. Soon the two of them stood in front of two big bay doors, exchanging glances they both took a deep breath before walking inside, standing straight as an air around them was tense. Aura that rolled off them echoed confidence and power strutting to their seats they stood in front of them.

"I call this meeting into order." Atem said as the council quiet down and he took his seat first and the rest followed after them.

"Pharaoh, we need to discuss the issue of the lower class, first is because they are becoming a serious problem." One of the councilman started.

"I know, I have decide to rebuild the lower areas in the town as well and constructing walls around the edges of the city and station guards with proper training from lower area to watch out for the people and appointing new heads of towns as someone in the town.” Atem started. “As well to increase safety of the merchants that transfer goods to the cites I will be placing checkpoints along the roads to prevent bandits from raiding them and along with this I will place more guards to protect the people and I will personally be surprise weekly checks to see if the guards are not abusing their power."

Taking a breath he waited to hear the comments from the council but none said nothing so Atem continued, "Furthermore I will cut back on taxes and withdraw food rations to agree none of my people won't starve." as he motioned for Seth to pass out the papers. The documents outlined what was specifically supposed to happen for the new organization of the lower class.

"What about the tomb sir?" A priest asked with black hair that was pulled into a high ponytail.

"Priest Otogi, we already taken measure of hiding and placing each millennium item besides the necklace, and puzzle in which we possess." Seth informed. “There's only one place that none knows about but me and the Pharaoh and we wish to keep that a secret until we find new owners that are worthy of such power.

The begin to talk about everything else and began to make preparations and rewriting of the documents and such as well they announced plans for the next meeting and the visiting of other kings from other countries to egypt to talk their plans of peace.

"Ahm now that Pharaoh Atem, before we call this meeting to an end we still need to discuss your marriage." Another priest called out on this topic.

"What about the marriage?" Atem asked looking at the Priest. “I have no interested in marrying a woman when the man I love is still loved by men and my people.”

"Love is something that is trivial this is about an heir, how much longer do you continue to toy around with that freak and pick a suitable Consort for the throne?" the priest questioned.

"Heed my words you have nothing to fear about an heir." Atem tells them as he and Priest Seth stood up. “and as for a consort I already have one and you have already met him and his name is Yugi. So If that is all I call this meeting to an end.” With that they swiftly left the hall.

"Jono, be careful. You don’t want Seth to be angry with you again." Yugi told him as he watched his best friend climb to the summit of a giant palm tree to reach for a document that had gotten blown away in the wind and was now stuck in the tree between two branches.

"I will be fine. I climbed trees entire life Yugi before I came to the Palace so I don’t think climbing one tree will kill me." Jono told him as he grabbed a hold of the document pulling it gently from it confinement before proceeded to descend from the tree.

"Jono! What were you doing in that tree!” Seth yelled as he saw the blond in the tree from a distance and instantly rushed over to his servant checking the others for injury.

"I'm sorry Seth, it's my fault my document flew away into the tree and Jono went up to retrieve it for me." Yugi admitted as he looked at the ground in shame.

"It's alright, I did not get hurt and Seth is worrying needlessly once again." Jono told him as he patted on his friend's shoulder comfortingly.

Seth let out a heavy sigh before looking at the blonde, “Excuse me for worrying but the last time you were in a tree you bumped your head and had a concussion.”

"Seth calm down Jono's is safe and I think Jono learned to be extra cautious about climbing trees since then." Atem told him as he came towards the trio.

"Big Brother, Atem, Yugi, Seth, dinner's about to be served so come back inside.” Shizuka yelled for them at the private suite for the Pharaoh, were he, Yugi, Seth, Jono and Shizuka stayed during big meetings like earlier today.

“Dinner?! Come on guys lets go!" Jono said before rushing over towards his sister with the other were quickly to follow in suit and proceeded to ask what they were having.

"Cabbage!" Shizuka called back causing Jono to pout as the other laughed as the

"Come on puppy let's eat." Seth said dragging Jono to the dining hall with Atem and Yugi
tailing after them.

"Thank you, so much Shizuka." Atem told her as he began to eat his soup.

"I hate cabbage!" Jono said as he pouted into his meal but was eating it anyways.

Everyone smiled as they watched Jono shudder as he swallowed the cabbage.  

"Yugi, how was your day?" Atem asked, his Consort.

"It was great, Jono and I walked into the gardens. As well I did a little writing to grandpa and the others" Yugi told him before asking."How was your day Atem?"

"It was okay up to the meeting they continued to try to change my mind about you being my consort." Atem answered as he frowned as he recalled that one priest in particular.

"I wonder why they are intent on being difficult about us it not like this had not happened before." Yugi asked.

"It's because they are some stuck up assholes with no dignity!" Jono sneered.

"He's right Yugi pay no mind to the priests in the council they are old fashion." Seth agreed. “But there’s a reason why it a problem now is because Atem has been Pharaoh for about five years and still has not produced any heirs and since now he has you as a consort they fear none will succeed the throne.”

"I see." Yugi said.

“Don’t let that get you down Yugi. I already have a heir in mind and he is the perfect candidate so you have nothing to feel guilty about.” Atem says. “So don’t worry about a thing.”

Once dinner was done, Atem and Yugi were the first ones to retire and head to go to sleep.

“So who do you have in mind as an heir?” Yugi asked.

“It is Seth’s Younger brother, Mokuba. You two have never formal meet because he is has been away for the last two years on abroad business and will return in a weeks time.” Atem informs him as he held Yugi on his lap and began to kiss the side of his neck. Placing a light kisses he slowly slipped his fingers down the other’s chest tweaking at his nipples before gently kissing them.

Before he began to trail lower and lower until he reach Yugi’s pants and tugged them down. Yugi shivering as a rush of cold air hit his erection. Kissing the head, Atem swallowed the other down sucking and blowing on the other before sitting back up reaching over to grab a bottle of lube in his nightstand.

Slicking up three of his fingers and hiked up Yugi's legs. Yugi groaned and stiffen at the sudden intrusion but willed his body to relax. Atem began to curl and uncurl his fingers trying to expand the small hole.

Once this was done,Atem add a second finger into the hole and began to scissor Yugi spreading the hole in hope Yugi to take in his length. Yugi moaned as he felt the last finger enter him causing him to groan in smiled to himself and began to move his fingers in and out of Yugi.

"Please, Atem Hurry." Yugi said pulling on Atem's hair causing him to groan. Atem moved into position and pushed himself inside of Yugi causing him to groan loudly. Grimmjow felt his length be clenched around as he entered Ichigo warm passage.

"Faster, harder." Yugi begged in which Atem gave immediately thrusting hard and fast inside. Yugi began to scream Atem name as they continued their love making.

"Atem!" Yugi screamed as he came hard.

"Yugi!" Atem said as he felt Ichigo clench ahold of him hard. They stayed there of stated of
there lovemaking.

"I love you Yugi." Atem told him.

"I love you too, Atem." Yugi told him.
I hope you guys enjoyed this One shot please leave comments and please go check out my other stories.
It was a long way to go from the fall semester to the spring semester but I did it will very good grades that I'm proud to say. i hope to publish alot more that now I have free time. So please keep a look out on the stuff.  I have published several new works on my page so please go check them out. I'm still learning and improving, so i hope you guys can live with me for a while longer.

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