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MY Commission sheet, An example of my prose commission and a Fanfiction commission!


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Okay I think writing commissions work so...

I will write (almost) any topic, anime,Cartoon,game, or pairing, etc...but be warned I might do something crazy if you don't give me strict rule or a strict topic ^^;

There are two ways you pick a type of Commission from me.

First one is why normal short and sweet type of writing where my normal length for chapter are 200 words to 1,200 words so not that very long.

One-shot-5 :points:
Two-shot-10 :points:
Short series(3-5 chapters)-20:points:
Medium series(6-9 chapters)-30 :points:
Long series(10+ chapters)-45 :points:

For those who want a demo-oneshot its 2:points: and basically it a fanfiction or a part of a fanfiction that i could produce for you if you pay one of the prices above.

Oh and first come, first serve...meaning I work on Commissions in the order I get them

Ummm...that's about all I have, please leave commissions in the comment box thingy...and I will have you pay right before I post up the story I am open!




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I'm Clueless Uke!

Having a good time is what you're all about. You're satisfied just to have someone to eat hamburgers and play video games with, and are completely oblivious to other's manipulative behavior. You don't expect much, and that can be a good thing. You're perfect prey for the Opportunist Seme, who might take advantage of you, but you probably won't even notice, or really care, as long as you're enjoying yourself.

Most compatible with: Opportunist Seme, Romantic Seme Least compatible with: Sadistic Seme, Don't Fuck With Me Seme


A woman with long wavy auburn hair that cascaded downwards to her hips, she was currently in a giant lecture hall in the local college. Her teacher was a man who looked in his late 80’s and looked ready to kick the bucket anytime.

When he dismissed the class she headed out of the class room, and made down the hall, glancing out the window, she looked passed her reflection that shined her ruby red eyes that is when she sa the sun was setting on the horizon. Daybreak has come, pretty colors were up above, orange and pink mixed together to make beautiful color altogether. She envied those who had all time in world for looking at the sky. Much to her dismay, she didn’t have time for such activities as this,

“Kumi-san? Are you coming?” Kumi’s classmate questioned. With a nod of her head, shortly she followed behind her classmate.

Far away in the red light district of town at a small host club a man with shoulder length silver hair was just clocking in wearing a three piece all black suit with the first three shirts of his button up was undone.

Smiling as he held a glass of red wine in his hand, Homura walked over to his next clients, wearing a charming smile.

“Sorry, I’m late, Ms. Masuda. I had trouble getting you an refreshment.” Homura apologized, placing red wine onto a coaster which he slid it over to her.

“Thank you Kagari-kun.” Ms. Masuda was a widow who had recently lost her husband and was seeking comfort. Homura and Ms. Masuda talked about noting in particular randoms events and minor chitchat options.

As Ms. Masuda’s time came to an end Homura walked her to the door, like usual, kissed her on the cheek before bidding her farewell.

Homura had two more clients one was another widow, including, another who was to be an escort around town tonight.

Although the other widow was more handsy and cried more Homura stayed, furthermore he continued to comfort her. Doing the same as before the host walked her, kissed her on the cheek and bid her farewell as well.

Homura went in the back to gather his items knowing he may not come back until the next day do to his last customer wished for an escort. So he grabbed his black trench coat and headed out to the meeting spot which she had set.

Walking quickly not to draw attention from anyone around him knowing that if one of the street walkers saw him would never be able to get to work in piece.

Soon he found himself in front of a small family restaurant and walked inside when he spotted her signature blue dress on he walked over to her.

“Forgive me, for being late. It was such a lovely night and I lost track of time.” Homura made an excuse, which always seem to work as he sat down next to the woman. She instantly reached out, bringing herself close to him, enjoying closeness between them, occasionally she looked at him with big doe eyes and smiled.

They chatted for a long time before Homura walked her back to her home before glancing down at his watch to see it was currently going on eleven at night.

“Damn, I missed the last train I will have to walk.” Homura murmured to himself as he begins to round a corner when he felt someone bump into his chest and he quickly shot out his arm to catch the person who was about to fall to the ground. His auburn colored eyes caught the eyes of the ruby red ones that were looking back up at him. “Are you alright?” He asked, helping her up.

As soon as their eyes met, Homura felt a wave of relief wash over him and his heart began to beat rapidly. “Is she my ashikabi?”  He thought

“I’m okay.” Kumi said, standing up her feet. To see if her grocery were okay yet she looked down at the bag she was carrying, the contents inside were ruined. Frowning slightly she let out an exasperated sigh. ‘Guess got to go to the store again.’ Suppose another round to grocery store should be okay. She looked up as she felt his gaze upon her, a blush bloomed itself on her cheeks. “W-Well I...I should be going.” She stammered, trying to move around him but before she was out of arm reach Homura reached out his arm, pulling her back slightly towards him causing her to stumble slightly back into his chest.

“I’m so sorry for ruining your stuff at least let me give you money to get yourself some new items.” Homura figured it would only be right if he pays for ruin items

“No it alright really.” Kumi replied, shaking her head slightly.

“No really, here.” Homura insisted, giving her his earnings for today before turning and quickly running away.

“Wait!” Kumi yelled as she notice he had given her five times the amount need for her grocery that had been ruined but Homura was long gone. That is when she found a business card with the money.

“Kagari.” She murmured the name to herself before looking up where Homura had ran too.

Across the ocean far from her home a woman who had shoulder length black hair and big brown eyes just exited out of the plane and she was in Lutèce, La ville lumière a.k.a. city of lights, Paname,  the city of love.

“Paris.” Dan breathed out in awe as she looked out into the distance she saw an Iron laced work that was magnificent and most recognised structure in the world, Eiffel Tower. “I finally made it.”

“Momma, what is that?” a younger Dan asked as she saw a picture of the Eiffel tower with her mother standing in front of it.

“Aww.. That is the Eiffel tower, sweetie.” An adult image of young toddler replied.

“Where is it momma?” The toddler asked.

“Its all the way across the ocean a place where you can see the lights even from the countryside there,” Her mom said.

“Really?” Dan inquired, excited as her mom nodded her head. “I want to see it then mom.”

“Mom… I finally made it!” Dan said as she smiled big as she left the plane and entered the airport.

“Welcome.” A shoulder length blond hair frenchman greeted as his wavy tresses was tossed to the side to reveal his ocean blue eyes.

Dan jumped slightly at as she saw the charming young man before her. “Thank you,” Dan responded back to him, grinning as she descended from the plane.

“My name is Francis Bonnefoy, I’m the tour guide you hired.” Francis told her as he moved to keep up the pace with her, like a gentleman he is, he tried to reach for her bags but she moved them out of his grasp.

“So you’re the one that my mom set up for me.” Dan analyzed the frenchmen by looking at his face. Pausing for a moment she continued talking what else, she had planned to say. “Well there’s actually no need for you to be here. I have study every set and location in France until this day so I don’t actually need a tour guide.” Without haste, she begun walking away again, dismissing the blonde off with a wave from her hand.

“Wait!” The tour guide yelped as he continued to follow her out of the airport.

“Could you please stop following me?” The foreinger requested, kindly when her eyes drifted over at him.

“No. I’m your tour guide so I have to be here with you even if you don’t want me too.” Francis told her. Dan sighed before shrugging her shoulders.

“Okay, fine you can stick around but don’t get in my way.” She warned him as she waits in a line for the next cab to show up.

“No need we can take my company private car.” The Frenchman said. Soon, too soon, a slick black sedan pulled up next to them. Francis walked over to the door and held it open. “After you.”

Dan looked at the car skeptical before moving forward and went into the car.
Chapter 2: Sleeping

“You had an accident while you were in the pool with Miss Martian. You hit your head and caused damage to your spinal cord, is in which the reason why you currently can’t or possible ever again feel from your waist and below.” Batman told her. Artemis sat there in shock absorbing all this new information that the Dark Knight was giving to her.

“So I can never be a superhero again?” Artemis says as the realization dawned on her, Batman frowned as he nodded his head. Artemis looked around at the team who all seemed to wear the similar faces, but when she got to M’gann it looked like on of guilt.

“M’gann this is not your fault.” Artemis says firmly as she saw the Martian putting herself down in her mind, but when she said this the Martian looked over and locked eyes with the blonde.

“How can this not be my fault, if I was not the one who suggested we go to the pool you would be fine.” M’gann said as she looked down at the floor as tears streamed from his eyes.

“M’gann, listen I would have gone into the pool, even if you were not with me but I am glad that you did, cause without you there I could have died.” Artemis says. “But there you to save me M’gann.”

M’gann sniffled as her eyes were filled with tears before she lift her hand to wipe them away.

“So do not beat yourself over for this it was not none of your guys fault.” Artemis says as she glared at all of her team mates.

Soon the door opened once again and Batman came into the room. “Artemis, how are you feeling?” he asked as he came closer to the archer’s bed side.

“I’m fine, so what is my condition looking like?” Artemis asked as the tension rose quickly into the air.  Glancing around the room she quickly realised that her condition was far worse than she realized.

“I’m sorry Artemis the doctor did everything they could but you are paralyzed from the waist down.” Batman told her as her emerald green eyes widen in surprise before she quickly looked down at her feet and tried to move her legs but with no success she could not move them.

Soon Artemis felt her breathing grew heavy and irregular and her chest began to tighten and she lifted her hand to clench her chest.

“Artemis?” Robin called out as her  vision began to blur and she turned her head slightly to shake her head no  as she clenched her eyes shut trying to calm herself down.

“We need a Nurse in here!” She heard Kal’dur yell out the door soon there was a sound a pair footsteps and a nurse trying to move her friends out of the room. Soon she could not hear anything after that.

She heard the pounding of footsteps and the ushering and protest of her teammates as her vision went black and she faded into the abyss.

“What is going on what happened in there?” M’gann cried as she looked back at the room where the nurse was closing the blinds to the room.

“M’gann, calm down I’m sure she is okay.” Robin says trying to reassure the martian but he was not sure of himself. M’gann nodded her head softly knowing that at Star Labs they would give her the best car as possible.

“How about we all go home and get some rest before we can visit Artemis once more. I don’t think we will be able to see her again today.” Kal’dur informs them as he looked at the tired faces of his teammates.

They all looked about to protest but Batman voice interrupted any train of thought.

“Kal’dur is right, all of you need to go home and get some sleep I will alert you guys if there are any changes to her condition.” Batman tells them his tone leaving no room for argument.

Inside the room with the doctor and nurses.

“Doctor, we can not wake her.” One of the nurses said as she looked at the young superhero.

“Damn it we lost her, she slipped into a Coma.” the Doctor says as he looked at the steady heartbeat and brain activity that was being shown on the computer monitor.

“Where am I? What is this place?” Artemis says to herself as she was falling deep within her subconscious as she watched the events to play out when she first decide she would become a superhero.

Artemis was walking with her mother through Gotham, going back home from grocery shopping when a man came buy and stole her mom’s purse and none dared to help them.

“Its okay Artemis things happen.” Her mother told her.

“No, that was not right. He was bad to steal from us and one day I am going to catch him and be good.” Artemis says.

“That right that is when I decide I wanted to be a superhero.” Artemis says before she closed her eyes and began to her teammates voices.

“Hey there artemis, this is M’gann. The doctor told us that talking to you would help, so everyday from now on until you wake I will tell you about my day.” M’gann says as she began to ramble on and on about things that were happening to her.

“M’gann,  I am here what are you talking about.” Artemis says.

“I’m sorry Artemis. That we are not able to do much else besides this but if you are able to hear this you are a valuable asset to me, to us…” Kal’dur tells her.

“Kal’dur….” Artemis murmurs.

“Well… I do not know really what to say, I know shocking right, I am Kid-Mouth or what you call me but I’m speechless. I do not know what to say of to do that will make you wake up faster or how to comfort the other Artemis, so please wake up we need you.” Wally says as he voice begins to crack and tears stream from his eyes.

Artemis was shocked as Wally told her this and lifted her hand to wipe away the tears that were about to fall.

“I do not know why I have to do this it not scientifically prove that me talking will help you but I guess it does not hurt to try…. Artemis you fight well, not as well as me but well enough… God why is this so awkward…. Artemis just get well soon okay.” Connor informs.

Artemis stifled a laugh but smiled gratefully at Conner.

“Artemis, you need to wake up you are need here.  Everyone, including me are worried. We all miss you here so please wake up.” Robin says.

“Guys… Guys wait for me okay.” Artemis says determinedly as she slowly opened her eyes.
1. How you felt about the story? Did I capture the prompt properly? Are the characters portrayed correctly? Did the story leave you wanting more? Did the Story Feel rushed or incomplete?

2. How was it length wise, did you like how long or short it was? Did you wish for parts to be longer or some shorter?

3. Grammar/Spelling Errors?

4. Did you Enjoy the story?

5. Was the process of getting your commission a long process? How long do did you wait for the commission to be finished?

6. Would you recommend me to others?

7. Would ever consider me for another commission?

Thank you for your commission and your support.
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Part 2

It had been a three years since then. Dimitri had handled most of the data gathering when he hired on an assistant for the project at first, Bill had been skeptical not wanting anyone to know about the project but when he got elected to be Prime Minister of England he had no choice but allow a assistant to take part in the project.

Her name was Claire Foley, a wided eyed and devoted student of the local university. Bill had watched her for an entire 3 months before he deemed her worthy enough to work with Dimitri and it did not hurt that she had a boyfriend either.

Then once they had gather enough data and evidence they were ready to test it out. On the day of the test day Dimitri had called in sick saying that he would not make it to the experiment date and told them to go on without him but something horrible had happened while the experiment had been conducted.

There was an explosion that had caused 10 people to lose their lives one was including Claire Foley. Due to the explosion that caused so many people’s lives was put under investigation and because of that investigation Bill was put on hold a Prime Minister.

A month had passed by since Bill was actually charged with murder and many other things. It was three days before his next court date. Although he was frustrated about the entire thing one thing was evident on his mind would Dimitri be okay, he was not going to be tied to the trail as well after they succeed getting him behind bars?

So here he was outside the other’s house standing in front of the door like a fool watching the door. “How long do you plan to stand in front of my door Bill?” Dimitri voice said as it came from the window on the left as Dimitri was peering out of it looking at him.

“Well I ummm…. I….” Bill stammered before Dimitri let out a sigh and went away from the window and then a few seconds later he appeared  in the doorway holding the door opened for him, motioning for him to go inside.

Bill gulped before he walked inside the house and into the Foyer.

“Come on lets talk in the living room.” Dimitri says before he leads the blond into the living room to a worn out brown sectional, that seemed to wrap around most of the living room. A brief silence fell over head before the silence was broken by Dimitri.

“So what did you come here for exactly?” Dimitri asked as he looked at the other out of the corner of his eye.

“I wanted to see if that the police had not came to you about the….” Bill’s voice faltered before going to a complete stop.

“No, they had not come to me at all for not even for questioning, Is that all you wished to ask of me?” Dimitri asked as he plopped down onto the sofa.

“That’s not it… I… I have to tell you something…” Bill sighed, frustratedly as he stood by the edge of the couch. Dimitri exasperated, he slowly removed himself from creamy white sectional, his eyes stared squarely at the former Prime Minister, roughly grabbing ahold of Bill’s wrist, at that given time he pushed him down onto the sofa, hovering above him. Immediately he lifted himself up, amused by how his former colleague’s body stilted, similar to a statue in a museum.

“Sit down it is not like I’m going to eat you unless that is what you want.” Dimitri mocked, candidly. A smile bloomed across his face as he made himself comfortable back on the couch beside Bill whose face flush red in embarrassment.

After a moment of silence Bill looked up at Dimitri. “How did you know that I was standing outside  door?” He swallowed, biting his lower lip hesitantly. Often in this case, to make matters, well you know less awkward, Dimitri turned on television, in course to degrade the tension.

“My neighbor across the way said that a suspicious person had been standing outside my door and I went to see who it was and I saw you.” Dimitri informed the other. Bill yelped, the sound ear splitting in the stifling silence, and cowered as he couldn’t believe what his ears were hearing, Warily, he abruptly rose from sofa, in his withered form, took off running to the door, pinning his hopes for an escape.  Much to his dismay, the scientist chased after him, not only was he faster but no matter how he look at it, Dimitri arrived at the door first, preventing Bill from leaving. Leaning against the doorframe, his grey tresses covered his face, shadowing those blue eyes of his, swooping his wavy locks from his face, he analyzed Bill from top to bottom. “I know you for a long time Bill what is this really about, you did not come all the way out here to ask if the cops called me. Tell me what are you really hiding from? Don’t you think this getting a little old?” Under all the stress, he has been going through lately, one more fib from the blonde, perhaps the gray haired man would lose it. Was it so hard to tell the truth? If so, Bill better suck it up before Dimitri force it out of him. There wasn’t no point of lying.

Bill sighed knowing he could not get anything past the other, he slouched his shoulders before he rubbed his temple slightly. “I may been given the death sentence, Dimitri.” He admitted, looking into his friend’s eyes.

“What!?” Dimitri exclaimed, his eyes widened by a fraction.

Bill nodded his head. “That is what this case is about in three days time, to determine when my death date will be.”

“Is there any way for you to get out of this?” The scientist asked.

“No unless you can actually get that time machine to work and bring back those ten people who died.” Bill said void of emotion as his eyes glossed over with no hope in them.

Dimitri did not know what overcame him because in the next second he was pulling Bill into hug, the next he pull him into a deep kiss. Of course the blonde made an effort to pushed the other off of him however the action did nothing whatsoever. Odd as it may seem, his former colleague quite stronger than he has ever imagined.  Unable to grasp for breath to breath, saliva dripped from the corner of former Prime Minister's mouth, his eyes widened slightly when Dimitri sucked on his lower lip, a soft moan escape his mouth yet it was barely audible, he felt the other’s tongue enter his moist cavern slowly massaging his tongue as Dimitri urged the other forward until he had a permanent place on floor with his friend above him.

Bill began to feel light head as his oxygen diminished before Dimitri pulled away from him to stare down at him with eyes glossed over, he quickly looked away. Dimitri sighed before lifting his hand up to lift his chin up making Bill make eye contact with him but the blonde shut his eyes. Perhaps thought this could be some type of escape.

“Bill…” Dimitri called out to the other yet man just kept his eyes squeezed firmly closed. “Bill, look at me.” Still the inventor of death didn’t look at him, that is when the scientist placed his head onto the other’s shoulder.

Bill shuddered as he felt the other’s breath on the nape of his neck when Dimitri planted a small kiss on his shoulder. “Bill.” Dimitri repeated to him but he did not dare look down at the him. Which frankly made the gray haired man even more frustrated so to keep his composure he decided to remain calm as best as he could, unless, if possible.

Dimitri slowly snaked his hand to the front of Bill’s button up shirt undoing several buttons before he ran his hand across the other’s chest. Licking his lips hungrily, he pushed Bill on his knees so he was eye level with the other’s chest. Slowly dragging his tongue across the pudgy man’s chest, totally enraptured by his action, complete lost himself when he blow a kiss on the other’s nipple, in the process, he gently grasp it into his mouth, which, he later began to suck on one of them whereas he fondled the other nub.
“Dimitri…” Bill whimpered as he tried to bite his lip to suppress the moans.

“Lemme see your eyes.” Dimitri’s soft penetrating but firm. ‘Should I open my eyes? I don’t if I should or not…. what if… what if….?’ Trapped in a spider web of thoughts, the stout man debated if he should look at his friend, unable to think what was right decision, rather openng his eyes like the scientist wanted him to, he, on the other hold his ground. Pissed off, there were many things he could do to Bill, it was all a matter of deciding to do so. Cruel as it may been said - there’s no way would he intentionally hurt the other yet he couldn’t hold it in anymore. If he could, he would, although he decided to do something else to lure the the blonde in. “Fine, be that way, I don’t really care and for a moment I…” The scientist baited, stopping his sexual advancements.

“Why did you stop--” The inventor started off however stopped for a moment.

“Why do you want me to continue?” His colleague implied this must be it.

“N-N-No… I… I… I... “ Uh oh! Loss for words, he fumbled with his shirt fatuous, thinking he button it back, however his beefy hands blocked his vision to do so. Dimitri contemplated if he should help the other yet watching the blonde was delightful.

“Do you need assistance?” A smirk played across the scientist lips as he asked this question.

“No, I don’t need your help thank you very much so if you wouldn’t mind, please shut the fuck up!” Former Prime Minister retorted, solely trying to fix his shirt, needless to say, his attempts were futile

Dimitri just laughed a little. “Is that so? So li’ ol Billy has growned you say, in his dreams,” He scoffed, narrowing his eyes. “You’re still same Bill.”

Bill fumed, he had enough of this bullshit! He came here to tell Dimitri he is going to have the death sentence, and he is, he is making fun of him! Typically, in such as a situation as these, he would spat at the scientist, though, at this moment in time, not so much. Never in his life has he ever been make fun of, heard Dimitri be snide, or degrade him the way the scientist did. Tears trickled down his face similar rain poured in torrents, sticky gooey liquid dripped from his nose, he sniffed hard as best he could from leaking out snot. “I love you goddamn it, I know it is weird, and you make not like me back but you have no right to toyed with my emotions like you did! I like you so much and only want to be with you as much as possible! Is it too much to ask? Well, in my opinion, no, but.. I..!” The blonde blustered, hiccuping between his tears.

Ah, now that is what the reaction Dimitri had waited to see, he loved every moment of it, too, especially when other confessed that he like him, How amusing. Cupping the blonde’s face into his hands, he smiled at Bill in satisfaction. Over the years he has known the pudgy man, never once had other cried in front of him, well, not until down.  “Bill, I love you too.” Dimitri confessed. Teary eyed, a faintly red tinge surfaced the former Prime Minister face

“I loved you first though.” Bill reminded, causing the Scientist to laugh. He blinked several times then stared at other puzzled. “What so funny?” He tilted his head.

When the other calmed down he grinned widely and said, “Nothing, Bill, nothing at all.” Wiping the blonde’s tears away, he was taken off guard when Bill willingly kissed him on the lips.

“Please make love to me Dimitri with the little time together. I know this is asking too much of you but I really want it, and if I want to stop in the middle of it, but I want you so badly, let’s just get this over with. I want you Dimitri. Let me feel you inside of me, I yearned for it like forever and now I finally have a chance. C’mon let’s do it.” The pudgy man blushed a little as he admitted to all of this, His death sentence is just around the corner so why hell not, a little making love session, sort to say could be a goodbye gift.

Dimitri couldn’t hide the look of surprise on his face. He would never imagined that Bill would said this in such a blunt fashion, so willing and honest. Unbelievable as it may seem at the least, for a moment all he could do is stare at his friend. How in the world would he turned this down? Clearly, no way in hell is he given up such an opportunity as this.

“How about we take this to the bedroom, upstairs?” Dimitri suggested.

Bill nodded.. “Good then.” Pleased with oneself the scientist lifted himself up, including pudgy man to his feet. “Come on, then.” He encouraged the blonde to come on along. Hand in hand they walked from doorway to the living room then right where the flight of stairs was located, ascending up and up, eventually the pair reached the top of the stairs it was covered by a glass ecosystem heating system.

Dimitri reached for the door, waiting for his lover to go inside first, once inside those blue orbs belonged to the former Prime Minister shone considerably, there was huge small seating area in the corner near the biggest bay window that outlooked the street.

Then to the left of them was a small desk, bookshelf, and a filing cabinet which looked like a makeshift office. Finally in the far back of the room in the very center, designated a king sized bed with black bedding and white pillows to top it off. Set to the right appeared a nightstand alongside with a walk in closet as the door laid open. As Bill assumed the left door was the ensuite.

Bill walked around taking everything in seconds he has been given that is when Dimiri tugged at his shirt from behind, hands wrapped securely his lover’s waist where he place a kiss on the other neck sucking gently leaving a hickey. Pulling off the blonde’s shirt, the scientist moved the blonde closer to the bed, shoving Bill down upon it, climbing ontop of him, soon enough, too soon the two swirled his tongue, trying to fight for dominance. Whilst Bill fought for dominance, Dimitri thereafter lowered his hand furtively to grasp the member inside other’s pants.

“Mm.. How does it feel Bill? Do you like me pleasuring you?” The scientist asked with a smirking, giving a lick to the other’s. Those slender hands on his manhood may seem like a simple touch yet upon that touched sent waves of pleasure through Bill’s body. His manhood certainly remembered to respond fairly quickly not only was Dimitri’s firm grasp only aroused further yet at same time unbearable.

“Amazing, Dimitri, amazing!” Caught up in his own lust, Bill’s face was clearly flushed red. Upon hearing this Dimitri decided to make it less easy on himself by removing his hand completely from his companion’s pants, in the process, he gripping the other’s belt, beginning to tug it through the loops to remove it. Irrepressible a smirk from forming on lips, Bill withhold his laughter as the scientist make an endeavor to take off his belt. Once his belt off, he stripped completely until he is bare, showing off his toned body. There was oils in the bureau by Dimitri’s bed for such an occasion which would serve well for lubricant. He pulled away for the moment to grab, an idea appeared evident in his mind. Spreading the oil on a few fingers, but he didn’t touched the blonde yet. Instead in place he leaned down and took the shaft into his mouth, starting to suck on it vigorously, making sure he savor the manhood as much as possible, Previously he has never done this to anyone, definitely not Bill either, as he thought it too degrading for a scientist like himself to do. But his mind changed, and serviced his lover for preparation, to make it less painful. Regardless of how you put it is painful anyways, but not as painful like it would usually be. He eased two fingers inside Bill’s buttocks.

Feeling the oily fingers slicked up his inside, this isn’t what the former Prime Minister expected, or had in mind, as of yet, what he had thought Bill wouldn’t do to him in bedroom actually happen, for instance his hands on his cock, His hips buckled eagerly as he called out, “Dimitri, Dimitri!” Undoubtedly those sounds filled with pleasure he made explained everything, Overall, Bill loved every moment of it too.

Unfortunately for Dimitri’s dismay this is probably last time he would ever do this to Bill, he has a death sentence thus duo doesn’t have much time together. This had to be special, and the pair wanted to make each other feel just that. Dimitri’s fingers felt good in the tinges, but he searched inside the blonde until he found a spot within Bill that would send him over the edge. Intent on making Bill cum,  he pressed against the insistently, believing this would make the blonde release his orgasm, alternating slow stroke with fact paces. Today, at least in Dimitri’s mind, all he could think about is making Bill feel good, and he wanted this release just to be the first of many.

Unlike his previous lovers, admittedly Bill would have to say, Dimitri was the best. Under the impression, the inventor of death knew Dimitri only wished to prepare him, and get him excited in the process but as his lover continued to pleasure him, he realized Dimitri was focused on him entirely. Moreover, it was touching, and Bill reached his release. Any second by now, his load is going to release. Towards the very end, it was those fingers that undid him completely. The caresses of his sweet spot overwhelmed him altogether, and his normally gruff yet quiet voice raised sharply to cry out his contentment as he came for his lover, his chunky cock spilling seed that tasted unpleasant at first tasted almost desert sweet when Dimitri enveloped it inside his mouth. Panting softly, Bill looked down   Dimitri.  “You don’t have to do this if you don’t want to.” If scientist didn’t want to do this he would already have released the other’s member from his mouth yet he didn’t do no thing.

Dimitri continued to licked up the fluid contently, finding it sweet to taste, almost like a spoonful of sugar. He found himself gagging on the cum but managed to swallowed liquid as much as possible, if he is able to do just that. Cum dripped from corner of his mouth as he removed from the blonde’s glistening member from his wet cavern,

“You taste amazing!” Dimitri declared, looking up his lover.

“Hey, let me ride you, it’s something I always wanted to, lay down now will you, it will feel good, promised.”  Bill coaxed, planting a kiss on the scientist lips. Insistently he pressed on the scientist’s shoulder trying to encourage him to lay on his back. “Just lie back and let me ride, I will do all the work. At least until I need your help that is.” He reached for oil on floor that still had some inside before placing it carefully on his partner’s member making it’s nice and slick. Plus he would need all help he could have to fit shaft inside of him perfectly.

“Bill, I think that is enough for day besides I have plans…” Honestly letting other ride him sounds very intriguing but dangerous at the same time thus he couldn’t allowed other to get hurt even if he is willingly to do something that would make him feel same amount as pleasure similiar to Bill, perhaps, more greater.

“Don’t worry about it, everything is going to be fine, relaxed.”  When someone gives you the phrase “Eveyrthing is going to be alright.” unlikely would that ever ended up like that. In doing so, Dimitri breathed shakily as he laid back, trusting the blonde fully. He had only intended to take Bill once, considering the other would be sore, and he didn’t want his to happen definitely since he already in pain as it is.

Moving to hover over top of the scientist with one leg on either side of Dimitri’s hips, Bill lined himself up carefully making sure he was comfortable and relaxed to make this work really, he pressed down on the shaft.
“Hah… hah.. hah… I feel… I feel like I am going… to ...” Dimitri warned, panting fast. He clenched sheets below him in an attempt not to, but this wasn’t guaranteeable to work.

It wasn’t easily for him to squeezed his hole in though he whimpered softly as he opened up to the fullness, it wasn’t fact, in all actuality, felt kinda of nice, but now he must adjust if he ever wants this to work. In time Bill was able to move slightly so he rest his hands on the other’s chest for support himself.

Dimitri covered the beefy hands with his slender ones, giving them a reassuring squeeze as Bill struggled to take him. It felt so good to be inside the blonde. The oil didn’t work as well as the former Prime Minister planned it, he hope his seed would at least make thing easier for Bill when he finally moved.

“Don’t force yourself,” The gray haired man said, bringing up one of blonde’s hands to kiss it longingly. “You are doing good, slow now, and steady… steady…” He closed his eyes with a groan he kissed the hand again. “God, your body feels great…”

For every bit of reassurance helped.  Bill, in turn, squeezed Dimitri’s hands in return as he felt as the man flood his hole with seed. In very beginning, it wasn’t such a pleasant feeling when fitting himself in the scientist, however, eventually he learned to adjust. For a while, to be on the safe side, the blonde didn’t move, he simply stayed in place with that thick cock lodged deep in his hole, stretching his insides as much, if possible to the least. He made sure to stay comfortable, maintain his breeathing and relaxing around it. Finally, found himself in his comfortable zone, grind his hips against the thick invader, realizing he wasn’t in any pain from motion so he began to lift off it then when he placed back down, little by little he gradually srarted a slow pace to get familiar not to mention with the motions.

No longer could he let Bill do all work, Dimitri took charged, lifting the pudgy man up and down frequently on his shaft on instinct. Bill picked up his pace, trying to please the scientist, each movement twice as fast then the last. In each moan just to make sure his comrade, the skinny man searched for hiny of pain or discomfort, and was relieved to hear none,

“Bill…” Dimitri groaned as their bodies collided against each other. “Bill, I am so happy. You’re so wonderful and no matter what anyone say I would always love you, there isn’t anyone like you..” He wrapped his hands around the other’s waist as he leaned his body over the larger one, kissing whatever part of the pudgy man he could reach as he felt his release building.

Any hints of discomfort was no more. Bill truly adjusted to the thick shaft. In a matter of seconds, Dimitri released his load inside of the blonde. Collasping on his lover’s chest, Bill closed his eyes, contend with the other’s man release within him.

“So, ready for round two?” The scientist asked , eagerly.

Bill’s expression said What the hell, he wasn’t going for another round. He’s already sore as it is.
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