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Please Donate if you can...I really would like some points

Okay I think writing commissions work so...

I will write (almost) any topic, anime,Cartoon,game, or pairing, etc...but be warned I might do something crazy if you don't give me strict rule or a strict topic ^^;

There are two ways you pick a type of Commission from me.

First one is why normal short and sweet type of writing where my normal length for chapter are 200 words to 1,200 words so not that very long.

One-shot-5 :points: or $1
Two-shot-10 :points: $2
Short series(3-5 chapters)-20:points: $5
Medium series(6-9 chapters)-30 :points: $10
Long series(10+ chapters)-45 :points: $15

For those who want a demo-oneshot its 2:points: and basically it a fanfiction or a part of a fanfiction that i could produce for you if you pay one of the prices above.

Oh and first come, first serve...meaning I work on Commissions in the order I get them

Ummm...that's about all I have, please leave commissions in the comment box thingy...and I will have you pay right before I post up the story I am open!




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rofile/Character Quiz

I'm Clueless Uke!

Having a good time is what you're all about. You're satisfied just to have someone to eat hamburgers and play video games with, and are completely oblivious to other's manipulative behavior. You don't expect much, and that can be a good thing. You're perfect prey for the Opportunist Seme, who might take advantage of you, but you probably won't even notice, or really care, as long as you're enjoying yourself.

Most compatible with: Opportunist Seme, Romantic Seme Least compatible with: Sadistic Seme, Don't Fuck With Me Seme


“Ok, Crona I think I know what your next assignment for next week should be.” Cecil says gaining the other attention.

“What do you think I should do?” Crona whispered looking at the other with confused filled eyes.

“Don’t worry Crona, It will not be that hard. This one involves your friends. For your next assignment I want you to write ten facts that you know about your friends and then tell me what you like most about your friends.” Cecil tells him.

“Friends…” Crona murmurs.

“I don’t think is too much for you to handle but I think this way you can be able to further your relationship with all your friends.” Cecil tells him.

“You think so… Um-mm… Mr. Asano… how do you know if you are friends with someone?” Crona questioned.

“What do you mean are you not friends with Maka, and Soul whom helped you with your last assignment?” Cecil  asked looking at him, with an intrigued look.

“I know they have helped me but what qualifies ones as a friend.” Crona asked.

Cecil smiled before saying, “Hey Crona, you know what I’m going to change your assignment this week assignment is your you to tell me all the qualities a friend has, okay.”

“Wha- I understand.” Crona says as he looked down at his hand helplessly.

“I’m not doing this to punish you Crona, I think this will be an excellent way for you to be able to make more friends.” Cecil says.

“Alright then Mr. Asano.” Crona says, before he collected his bag and began to walk towards the door. Asano, stood up and walked him over to the door and opened it for Crona letting him out of his office.

Crona mumbled something before he fled down the hallway. Cecil smiled as he heard a thank you coming Crona and I hoped I handled that okay from him.

Once Crona had left he fled to his home, once inside the safe confines of his home he asked Ragnarok to come out.

“What is you want you, wimp?” Ragnarok asked as he lay on top if the other’s pink tresses.

“How do you know if someone is a friend? You had friends before you were put inside me right Ragnarok?” Crona asked.

“I would not know Pinky. I can’t recall much of anything before I was put inside your body.” Ragnarok tells, him Crona looked down at the ground crestfallen.

“Why don’t you just go asked shark tooth and no-boobs again?” Ragnarok asked?

“I don’t want them to think I am a annoyance.”  Crona says as he fiddled with his fingers.

“We there's all Spiky, and big boobs or mini-shinigami and the twins?” Ragnarok suggested.

“That true but I don’t know where they will be.” Crona tells Ragnarok.

“Why you have to be so pessimistic Pinky. You could always just check the school that where they are most of the time, and Spiky and big boobs stay in dorm supposedly and the other group lives in the giant manor  near the school.” Ragnarok says.

Crona looked up at him confused. “How do you know all of this Ragnarok?” Crona questioned.

“From Lady Medusa, information that is how I know these things.” Ragnarok says.

Crona froze at his Partner saying his mother name as well saying he received this information from her.

“Don’t get your underwear in a not. It was not recently she said to use this information if we ever had gotten kidnapped or we had infiltrated the school but since she is dead as a door knob I guess it makes no difference now.” Ragnarok informs the other.

“I see.” Crona says before their was a moment of silence. “I guess we should go ask one of them.” Crona relays as Ragnarok slinked back inside of his body  before he left to go search for either, Blackstar and Tsubaki or Kid, Liz and Patty.

First he started at the school but as Crona went their classes they were nowhere to be found on the campus.

“I guess I will have to check at their homes.” Crona mumbled before he went to closest house which was the dorms, but neither Tsubaki and Blackstar had came back inside according to their room mates. Letting out a sigh he headed to the Death Manor.

Knocking on the door he waited for someone to answer, but much to his suprise it was Lord Death that answered.

“Hello Crona, What can I do for you?” Lord death asked in a cheerful tone.

Crona froze before stammering out, “I-I-I w-w-was-s-s w-w-wondering i-i-i K-Kid was h-h-home?”

“No he is not actually.” Lord Death told him and Crona lost all faith in finding anyone today. “Although Kid mentioned he would be going over to Maka’s place today.” This caught Crona attention before a small smile tugged on his lips before he thanked Lord Death and took off towards Maka’s house.

When he arrived he could hear the the chatter from all those in the house.  Walking up to the door, he knocked on it lightly as he heard Soul ask who is it.

“It is Crona.” Crona informed him before he was told the door was open and too come on inside. Crona looked at the door knob hesitantly before moving to open the front door and stepping inside.

“Hey Crona.” He was greeted by all those in the living room, which in fact was everyone.

“What took you so long to get here, we were about to start the party without you.” Blackstar said before Maka, Maka Chopped him with a book causing him to fall to the floor clutching his head.

“No we were not Crona but what did take you so long to get here?” Maka questioned.

“I-I forgot that we were meeting today, so I went around the two looking for everyone but could not find anyone until Lord Death told me where you were.” Crona say.

“Well I’m glad that my father was of use but where did you exactly meet him, I could have sworn today that my father was at the manor.” Kid says with a thoughtful expression.

Crona blushed as he fiddled with his hands before answering, “I did go to your house, the school as well as the dorms looking for you all.”

Everyone looked at him surprised before they started to bust out laugh causing Crona to flush red like a tomato.

When they regained their composure Patty asked, “Why did you go searching all over for us Crona? Usually the first person you would go to would be Maka or Soul. “

Crona froze before keeping his gaze down before hesitantly looking up at them. “I was asked what type of qualities are some people one looks for when you look for a friend.”

They all exchanged looks with each at least one other person before Tsubaki started to speak, “Well Crona, what I look for in a friend, is one kindness, and being able to motivate oneself and others, I look for other things as well but then the list could get quite long.”

“Who cares for all that sissy stuff, I just want someone who is just awesome as me some who will surpass god one day.” Blackstar began as he began his usual rant.

“Anyways, what me and Liz look for in friends, is loyalty and  and Strength to hold one's own because we will always need someone to watch your back in a battle.” Patty says and Liz nodded her head in agreement.

“What I look for in friends, is someone who is cool and can lend a ear when is needed.” Soul tells him.

“In most of my friends who know a little about what they want to get out of life or at least an idea or goals they which to strive towards,as well someone who is intelligent.” Maka says with a smile.

“As for me Crona, I hope my friends will have qualities that the other’s mentioned or just someone that is uniquely themselves.” Kid tells him.

Crona took in everything that they said and began to look confused at them, “Then what about me. I don’t have anyone of those qualities you guys are looking for in a friend, Does this mean we are not friends.”

“Of course we are friends Crona, It just when you are making friends you don’t always get everything that is on the checklist you may only get a few things you want out of a friend but they will still be your friends until the end.” Liz tells him.

“Yeah, Crona, everyone of thinks you as a friend be as that may you may not check off everything on or qualities we look for in a friend and we may not check off the boxes in your list either but we are all still friends.” Tsubaki added.

“So we are still friends?” Crona asked.

“Of course we never stopped being your friends Crona.” Maka says firmly.

“Yeah, so stop worrying so we can get this party started.” Blackstar says.

Crona smiled slightly but nodded his head. “Yeah.”
Psych Evaluation Chapter 2
I hope you guys enjoy this chapter.:iconwooooplz: I know it was kinda short well not as short as it used to be this story was perviously named favorite memories but now it revamped and is longer and I hope you guys like the story. :iconverynotimpressedplz:

Commission, Request and challenges are always welcomed. Previous Chapter Next Chapter
A boy with shoulder length pink hair clenched his pitch black clothing that was contrasting his pale white complexion. Sat in a big red chair that was twice his size and he seemed to be swimming in the cushions.

“Good morning Crona.” A dark skinned man said as he wore a grey and blue striped shirt and blue jeans as his dark brown hair lay limply on his face.  “My name is Cecil. I will be your psychologist for a while. It is a pleasure to meet you.”

“I don’t think I can handle this.” Crona mumbled as he clenched his right arm. Cecil looked at him for a minute and nodded his head.

“I see what can’t you not handle Crona? All I simply did was introduce myself, or is because you can’t handle coming here every week?” Cecil asked.

“I don’t know how to handle that question either.” Crona says as he clenched the side of his arm even tighter.

“That is fine Crona, you do not have to answer the question.” Cecil tells him causing Crona too look up at him surprised.

“I don’t.” Crona says, Cecil nodded his head before he grabbed out of a box of notebooks.

“Crona, I want you to choose a notebook. Can you do that for me?” Cecil asked him.

“I don’t-” Crona started but Cecil interrupted him.

“Crona, it just a notebook just pick whichever one you don’t have to care about what it look just choose one for now.

Crona looked at the box of notebooks and choose an all black one except that it had a pink skull on it.

“Okay Crona,  For now I want you to make a list of things you can handle or things you like to be around then after this I will give you a your activity for the week and you can go.” Cecil told him.

Crona stared at the paper what seemed like hours before opening up the notebook and began to scribble down a few words. Small neat cursive font.

Maka Aburn

“Are you done Crona?” Cecil asked him and he nodded his head yes. “Okay, then Crona your assignment for the week is to write a list of good deeds you have done before you come back but before next Wednesday to write in full detail about one of the good deeds. You think you can handle this?”

“Yes, sir.” Crona says politely. Once their time was up Crona left the room and quickly fled the building clutching the notebook close to his chest.  Once he was far enough away from the building he glanced backwards and settled into a slow pace and started to head back to his home.

“What should I do now? I don’t even know about any good deeds I have done?”  Crona mumbled as a black figure materialized behind his back and plopped itself on his head.

“Crona, hurry up and get home I’m  hungry.” Ragnarok says as his stomach rumbled.

“Okay,” Crona started to walk away, “Hey Ragnarok, have we ever done any good deeds before?”

“Of course Remember that time- Wait no- Oh how about that time when-no wait that was not good either, Hmm…. I guess we have not but who cares.” Ragnarok says. “It not like it matters.”

“But Ragnarok it does matter to me.” Crona says as he stopped walking and looked up at the other.

“Then how about you just go ask the violent girl?” Ragnarok suggested.

“Do you mean Maka?” Crona questioned as he started to walk once again.

“Yeah her.” Ragnarok stated with disdain. Crona smiled as he headed to his house to make lunch before starting his search for Maka and Soul. After lunch he walked towards Maka and Soul’s house.

Crona knocked on the door and waited for someone to open up the door.

“Coming,” Soul voice echoed from inside the house before the door was opened and He smiled slightly when he spotted Crona. “Hey, Crona what are you doing here?”

“Hi Soul, I came because I wanted to ask you and Maka a quick question.” Crona tells him as he gripped the side of his arm out of a nervous habit.

“Alright then come inside, Maka is making Lunch if you want any.” Soul informs him. Soul leaves the door open and steps to the side allowing Crona inside the house. Locking the door before heading to the Living in which  Crona was standing in. “You can sit down if you want Crona.”

Crona nodded his head before moving over to take a seat on the love seat couch. While Soul took the arm chair.

“Soul, who was at the door?” Maka voice echoed from inside the kitchen which just around the corner.

“It is Crona, he wants to talk to us about something.” Soul told her as he looked at Crona who was playing with the hem of his shirt.

“Okay I will be there in a minute.” Maka says true to a word not a minute later she came from the kitchen with a cups and a tea kettle. “So what up Crona?” she asked pouring them all a cup of tea.

“Umm… I-I… I wanted to...ask you have you ever done a good deed before?” Crona asked.

Maka and Soul stared at him for a minute before exchanging looks.

“Why do you ask, Crona?” Soul questioned.

“My psychiatrist told me to write about some good deeds I have done before but I don’t know what exactly is a good deed is?” Crona answered.

“A good deed, is something you do when you get no gain or acknowledgement from something you have done but you still did it out the kindness of your heart.” Maka tells him.

Crona nodded his head before looking at Soul for his answer.

“Crona, a good deed is just an act of kindness you do with it having no benefits to you.”  Soul told him. “Do you understand now?”

Crona nodded his head as he tried to recall if he never did something to his benefit, “I guess I did do one thing but It was all my fault that it happened in the first place.” he said.

“Are you talking about what happened to Professor Stein?” Maka asked, Crona just nodded his head. “Crona, yes it was your fault that he did escape but you went with Marie to save him even when your mother was their with him you fought against her when their was nothing in it for you so that was a good deed.”

Crona looked up at her shocked as he nodded his head as tears began to stream out, “Thank you, Maka.” I guess I got one thing to talk about.

“Good day Crona. Did you finish your assignment for the week?” Cecil ask with a smile on his face as the young teen came into his office with his notebook at hand. “May I see it?”

Crona nodded, handing it over to the other. Cecil thanked him as he took it and began to read the what Crona had written.

“I see, did you have trouble with the assignment?” Cecil questioned.

“Yeah, a little I did not know what a good deed is so I had to ask some friends for help.”  Crona told him truthfully.
“That okay, I’m just glad you were able to talk to someone about the assignment with it.
"Sasuke, come on you can't be mad at me forever."A boy in his early teens told his brother whom had the same black hair and eyes as his brothers but with a hint of blue in the hair and that the older of the two of them had longer hair. Sasuke looked down and shook his head.

"Yes, I can. Itachi you broke your promise to me  again and on today of all days as well." Sasuke said, pouting slightly. Even mother and father forgot my birthday I thought Itachi would be different and would remember my birthday.

Itachi sighed before he started to then crouching down then jumping up to where Sasuke was at and landed on the branch next to his brother. “I’m sorry Sasuke, maybe some other time." Itachi told him while flicking his young brother's forehead. “Now let's go home.”

Sasuke pouted even harder then before he wrapped his arms around his brother’s neck and allowed his brother to take him in his arms. Burying his face into the other’s side and mumbling,"Fine, let's go home."

Itachi smiled taking his Little brother form and placed him on his back before he started to leap tree to tree heading for the Uchiha district. Soon as the neared the entrance Itachi let Sasuke down and grabbed a hold of Sasuke's hand and started to walk towards their house. On their way back Itachi let Sasuke ride on his back. They walked through the village passing Shinobi , citizen alike.

They even seen a girl yelling at a silver haired man about Dango. Which they looked at them surprised at she began throwing everything at the Silver haired man for stealing one of her dango. They continued to walk home passing the Uchiha task force.

"Hey Itachi, do you think one day I could make father proud of me." Sasuke asked. Locking eyes with elder brother. "Yes, you will and you will be the strongest Uchiha of us all," Itachi told him.

Sasuke smiled brightly at his brother. They finally made it to the entrance to the Uchiha district as they walked through they were greeted by many of their clan members. They approached their house and Itachi let Sasuke off of his shoulders and sat him on the ground before Itachi grabbed Sasuke's hand and they walked into there house together.

"Were home!" Sasuke yelled, as he and his brother headed to the living room. Itachi flickered on the lights.

Mikoto, and their grandparents jumped out of their hiding places surprising Sasuke and screamed, “Happy Birthday, Sasuke!”

"Mom, what is this all about?" Sasuke asked. Mikoto smiled at her youngest son.

"It’s your birthday after all Sasuke." Fugaku told his son. Sasuke grinned widely.
Sasuke was showered in tons of present as well he got to celebrate his birthday one last time with his family.
Happy Birthday Sasuke Uchiha 2012
I hope you guys are enjoying the story. Please leave comments down below. Commission are open. Request are open, Challenges are waiting to be accepted. If you have ideas about Next year Birthday Bash for Naruto please send me a PM as well if you have any of the listed things before this one.
Sakura Haruno

A Pink haired girl with shoulder length hair walked through the village with a smile present on her face as she thought about the party that her parents were preparing for her like every year.

The only difference is this year that, she finally worked up to ask her teammate Sasuke Uchiha to attend her birthday party and he said sure as long as he could bring someone.  ‘I surely hope it is not another girl who is prettier than me.’ She thought walking towards the market area to pick up some supplies for her team's next mission.

As she finished buying what she needed she thought she heard a voice scream out her name, turning her head towards where the scream was coming from she saw a familiar green clad jumpsuit teen running towards her.

“Oh hi, Lee.” Sakura greeted him once he was in speaking distance.

"Good Day to you as well,Sakura-chan. As well Happy Youthful Birthday!" Lee said as he held out some flowers and chocolate to him.

"Thanks Lee." Sakura said smiling at him before he beamed at her before excusing himself to leave since he had to meet up with his own team for their mission. Turning  she started towards the hokage tower to continue her training with Lady Tsunade. She entered the hokage's room to find Lady Tsunade hung over on the table.

"Lady Tsunade, are you alright?" Sakura asked looking at Tsunade worriedly.

"Sakura, of course I am fine I heard it was your birthday and decide to celebrate by drinking  but since you can't I will drink for you." Tsunade mumbled drunkenly. Sakura smiled at her and went over to go help her sober up.

"Even without the party I guess today was good day overall." Sakura said as she took Tsunade home. “I mean Sasuke coming is a bonus though.”
Sakura Haruno
I hope you enjoy this story. I hope you guys will be good enough to leave a comment down below. Commission are open. Request are open. Challenges are waiting to be accepted. If you have ideas for next year birthday bash or anything I listed before please send me an PM Message.
"Such a Youthful day!" A black haired teenager with a bob haircut says as he looked out of his window and out his village that was buzzing with life. Coming from his position from the window he grabbed his usual green jumpsuit and slipped it on. Before going to put his shoes on and quickly went out and running to his team was supposed to meet up.

“Good morning, Tenten, Neji.” Lee greeted with a big smile.

“Good morning Lee.” Tenten Greeted as Neji just nodded his to his teammate.

“Where is Gai-Sensei?” Lee asked glancing around in hopes to find him but it was futile until a kick came flying him his way sending him flying crashing into a nearby tree.

“Good morning guys, I hope you guys are ready for today’s training.” Gai-sensei “Oh and Lee, I am going to extra hard on you since today is your birthday.”

"Really, Gai-Sensei! That is the best present ever." Lee yelled excitedly.

"Then let's get started then shall we." Gai said as they began to train. Lee was so excited he rushed into action.

"I don't think that counts as a present." Ten-ten said.

"It’s not but it better not to get involved Ten-ten." Neji told her as they began their own training.
Rock Lee's Birthday 2012
Here is an old revamped fanfiction from 2012. Tell me what you think in the comments below. If you have ideas about next year birthday send me a pm message. Commission are open. Request are open and Challenges are being accepted.
It was a long way to go from the fall semester to the spring semester but I did it will very good grades that I'm proud to say. i hope to publish alot more that now I have free time. So please keep a look out on the stuff.  I have published several new works on my page so please go check them out. I'm still learning and improving, so i hope you guys can live with me for a while longer.

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