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MY Commission sheet, An example of my prose commission and a Fanfiction commission!


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Progress: Currently on Chapter 1


Progress: Currently on Chapter 1


Progress: Currently on Chapter 1

Please Donate if you can...I really would like some points

Okay I think writing commissions work so...

I will write (almost) any topic, anime,Cartoon,game, or pairing, etc...but be warned I might do something crazy if you don't give me strict rule or a strict topic ^^;

There are two ways you pick a type of Commission from me.

First one is why normal short and sweet type of writing where my normal length for chapter are 200 words to 1,200 words so not that very long.

One-shot-5 :points: or $1
Two-shot-10 :points: $2
Short series(3-5 chapters)-20:points: $5
Medium series(6-9 chapters)-30 :points: $10
Long series(10+ chapters)-45 :points: $15

For those who want a demo-oneshot its 2:points: and basically it a fanfiction or a part of a fanfiction that i could produce for you if you pay one of the prices above.

Oh and first come, first serve...meaning I work on Commissions in the order I get them

Ummm...that's about all I have, please leave commissions in the comment box thingy...and I will have you pay right before I post up the story I am open!




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rofile/Character Quiz

I'm Clueless Uke!

Having a good time is what you're all about. You're satisfied just to have someone to eat hamburgers and play video games with, and are completely oblivious to other's manipulative behavior. You don't expect much, and that can be a good thing. You're perfect prey for the Opportunist Seme, who might take advantage of you, but you probably won't even notice, or really care, as long as you're enjoying yourself.

Most compatible with: Opportunist Seme, Romantic Seme Least compatible with: Sadistic Seme, Don't Fuck With Me Seme


It was a long way to go from the fall semester to the spring semester but I did it will very good grades that I'm proud to say. i hope to publish alot more that now I have free time. So please keep a look out on the stuff.  I have published several new works on my page so please go check them out. I'm still learning and improving, so i hope you guys can live with me for a while longer.
I will do anything for you
Chapter 9: Truth

Harry sat on the plush king size bed laying against the headboard. As he had began to think of what Tom must have gone through losing a lover and a child. Even though this man had killed his parents in cold blood and tried to kill him but what reason would be justified to kill a child? He could not fathom what was going through Tom’s mind, he knew what it was like to lose a child why would he try to kill him.

Harry groaned as he pulled his legs up to his chest and sat in the fetal position when their was was the sound of the door opening causing him to lift his head slightly. Seeing that it was the one that was capturing his thoughts.

“Harry.” Tom started as he stood in front of the door looking at his mate from a distance afraid to go forward thinking he might frighten the other. Harry lifted his gaze from his hands to his eyes looking into Tom’s eyes.

Slowly opening his mouth, interjecting before Tom could speak again, “Let me speak first please.” Harry starts gaining the others attention. “I wanted to say that I am sorry for trying to run away. As well I know about what happened to your previous lover and Child.” He could see the shock of this confession sink in to the other before continuing. “Then I started to wonder why would you if you knew what it was like to lose a child try to take me from my parents. It made no sense to me, the more I thought of the pain you went through the more I hate Dumbledore for killing them.”

“Harry…” Tom started before moving to take a seat next to his mate and take his hands into his own. “I was overcome with grief then I learned about the power Horcruxes give you and I caved in to my own darkness. I deeply regret taking your parents from you due to my own selfishness but from this point forward I will not be sorry for the things I do to protect you and my fellow Death Eaters, and Slytherins.”

“What is that supposed to mean?” Harry asked looking at him confused.

“We have finally have enough solid evidence against Fudge and Dumbledore that we are going to release to the press as well to Ministry.” Tom informed him looking at him with an intense gaze.

“So what does that mean?” Harry questions.

“It means since the public and ministry will know of all the horrible things they have been doing they will be removed from their position and new heads will take their place.” Tom answered.

“Can I see what you have gotten on Dumbledore, if you don’t mind.” Harry requested, Tom nodded his head before reaching into his cloak and passing Harry the thick stack of papers. “Is all this Dumbledore’s?”

“Yes well most of it anyways, the rest of it is being looked over by Severus and Lucius in the main study on the ground floor.” Tom answers.

“I see.” Harry says as he began to flip through the papers.

“I will be back in about an hour, I have to make sure everything is situated before the press release.” Tom says moving to leave the room when he felt a tug on his cloak glancing backwards he sees that Harry was the one with his cloak in his hand. “Is something wrong.”

Harry shook his head before standing up, then leaning forward to place a peck on Tom’s cheek as his face flushed red in embarrassment before quickly fleeing to the bathroom. Tom stood their awestruck as he slowly lifted his hand up to his face and rubbed it slightly.

Draco sat in the library of the Malfoy mansion when the door creaked open and he saw Harry was the one coming into the library. “Did you need something, Harry?” Draco asked gaining the attention of  Gryffindor.

“Yes, I wanted to know if you had heard any news from Hogwarts yet?” Harry questioned looking at him with a hopeful expression.

“Yes in fact we will be allowed back at school a  week before the press release.” Draco says noticing the stack of paper that was evident in Harry’s hand.

“A week…” Harry says looking slightly troubled.

“What wrong I thought you would be happy to get back at to school.’” Draco expresses.

“I am happy that we are getting to go back to school it, just the fact that I have to face, Ron, Hermione and the other gryffindors.” Harry tells him.

Draco took a deep breath before he smiled widely. “I know what we need to do.” Draco says before quickly jumping out of his seat startling Harry as he did so.

“What? What do we need to do?” Harry repeated looking at the blonde confused.

“We just have to give you a new image.” Draco says grabbing ahold of Harry’s hand before pulling him out of the library.

“But what does that mean?” Harry questions.

“This means, new clothes, new hair cut, glasses, everything about yourself will be redone.” Draco says firmly as he dragged Harry to his room where Blaise and Pansy were making out on his loveseat couch. They slowly moved apart when they realized that Draco was in the room.

“I thought you said that you would not be back for an hour.” Blaise said looking at Draco confused.

“Well plans have been changed we are going out shopping.” Draco says causing Blaise to Groan and Pansy to look confused.

“Why are we going shopping we just went two days ago did you run out of moisturizer already?” Pansy asked.

“No, we are not going shopping for me.” Draco says as he let out a sigh before pointing at Harry. “We will be shopping for Harry.”

“Really that means we can finally get rid of those rags that he wore.” Pansy squealed with glee as Harry looked at her hurt.

“What was wrong with my close before?” Harry asked.

“Everything.” The trio chimed in unison.

“Beside that Blaise I was wondering if you could go buy Harry several outfits and other stuff need. Pansy could you get  the hair styles and eye examiner to come here in secrecy to help hair here.” Draco asked his two best friends.

“Yes I don’t mind but what will you be doing Draco?” Blaise asked.

“A complete, stress relieve, and whole new body makeover.” Draco says with an evil grin causing his friends to shoot Harry a worried look.

“Good luck Harry.” Blaise and Pansy says, before they got up to leave to make the arrangements.

“Wait what do you mean good luck?” Harry asked looking at them as they left once they were gone he looked over at Draco who was moving towards him as he was grinning like a madman. “Draco? What are you about to do to me?”

“Don’t worry, It won’t hurt much.” Draco says, as he grabbed hold of Harry’s hand he dragged Harry to the bathroom.
I will do anything for you Chapter 9
I hope you like this chapter, I hope you will look forward to do  more update.

commissions are open!
Chapter 10: Knowledge

The Golden trio was no where closer to finding out the real objective for Nico to be here at hogwarts nor who his parents were either.

“Why can’t we find any information on Di Angelo? It like he never existed until this year.” Ron says as he closed the last wizard registry book.

“We can’t give up Ron, he is hiding something and the sooner we are able to figure out what the quicker we can do our homework.” Hermione quipped causing the other to scowl slightly.

“Bloody Hell, I’m done.” Ron groaned as he pushed the stack of books away from himself. “I rather go figure out what, Di Angelo is doing now.” Ron says pushing himself to sit up.

“I agree Hermione the quicker we figure out what he is doing the more time we will have to study afterwards.” Harry says looking at the redhead who huffed and turned away the two gryffindor boys.

“Fine but only for an hour and if we have not found anything. We will come back and do some actually studying,” Hermione comprised.

“That fine with us.”  Harry and Ron say in unison as they quickly packed up their things and began to leave the room with Hermione quickly following after them.

Walking down the hall they spotted Nico who was currently sitting on the edge of an open corridor allowing his legs to dangle off the edge.

“Di Angelo?” Ron called out to the other not to startle the other but the other did not even glance his way.

“What is it?” Nico asked before looking over at the others as he stood up onto the edge causing the other to gasp before he jumped back inside the hall.

“We were just about to say that it was dangerous to hang out on the edge because people had fallen before.” Hermione informed him.

“Oh… Well Its not like the fall could have killed me.” Nico says looking at the distance from the window he was hanging out from.

“What do you mean, it would not killed you that a twenty foot drop.” Hermione protested but Nico did not give her an answer and began to walk away from them.

“You would like to know but I rather let that stay a mystery as well.” Nico told her as he stopped at the end of the corridor and held his finger up to his lips as if he was about to say shh.

“Ugghhh.” Hermione huffed in annoyance before looking at her best friends who were merely staring at her. “What are you two looking at lets go after him.” Turning away from her best friends and followed after Nico.

Nico seemed to be walking at a fast pace in which the golden trio had a hard time keeping up with him.  Seeing him duck into hallway the trio quickly went after him nearly crashing into him as he stood there watching them.

“Is there some reason why you are following me?” Nico questions looking at the three slightly irritated.

“No!” Ron quickly denied causing Nico to look at him sceptically.

“What Ron means to say is that we were trying to catch up to you in order to ask you a question about something.” Hermione informs him as they boys looked at him confused.

“What is it then?” Nico asked.

“I well we were wondering why are you so invested in to Greek Mythology?” Hermione relays, as Nico looked at her with a solemn look.

“My Father, is Greek and he spends most of his time involving himself around Greek mythology and so from a young age I grew up hearing about the Greek gods and Mythology.”  Nico informs them.

“But then how come you know the language, Greek is considered to be one of the few languages that are lost in time.”  Hermione added.

“As I told you before my father is greece and on his side for centuries my family had lived in greece and so as a tradition for my family we all learn Greek and Roman.” Nico explained. “If that is all I will be on my way then.” Turning away Nico quickly made his leave and headed back to the Slytherin Common rooms.

“Hermione why did you ask him all those questions? They were not even what I think what we wanted to ask Di angelo.” Ron exclaimed looking at her confused.

“No, Ron he has give us plenty of information because even in Greece, knowing Ancient Greek is uncommon and from what I could here and from the text I had been reading before Di Angelo is most definitely speaking Ancient Greek and if what he says about his father being a researcher or at least some one whom is dedicated to learning Ancient Greek they would have made some sort of documentation of their studies.” Hermione hypothesized.

“Then from what you're saying if we look up in the book registry in library of anyone with the name Di Angelo as a Surname we should be able to find more about him.” Harry summarized.

“That is exactly it let go back to the library.” Hermione says.

“Why could not we just do that from the beginning?” Ron asked looking at his friends confused.

“Because in most traditional families possible like Di Angelo’s is that sometimes father would give them his Surname and beside I don’t know where either his parents are from so I could not get a definitive search.” Hermione states as she began to walk back towards the library with Harry and Ron following after her.

“What is wrong with you today, Draco. You look like you kissed one of the Weasleys.”  Blaise taunted as he took a seat across from the blonde.

“Sod off Zablini, I am not in the mood for your shenanigans today.” Draco says glaring at him from across the table.

“No not until you tell me what is going you have not been this quiet since you learned about you know what.” Blaise hinted causing Draco to snap his gaze upwards.

“I told you never to bring that up again.” Draco spat.

“Bring up what again?” Nico asked as he came into the common room and saw the two sitting at the table talking.

“Nothing to concern yourself with, Di Angelo.” Draco says as he stood up and made his way out of the room. Nico watched the other go as he passed him by and moved to head back to the section of the Slytherin boy dorms before Nico looked over at Blaise who had an amused smile on his lips.

Nico sighed and shook his head before taking a seat in front of the fireplace and leaned his head back and closed his eyes. Allowing himself drift asleep.
A Magical Adventure Chapter 10
I hope you guys like the chapter, i'm sory for the major delay, school was a killer but it all better because it summer vacation and that means more time to write stories.

Commission are open!
Chapter 2:  An Ashikabi

Kumi and Homura did not exchange any words as they walked the short distance to the cafe. Once they was inside the took the furthermost table from the door.

“Do you want anything to drink?” Homura asked looking at her as she slid into the seat across from his own.

“No thank you, I’m fine.” Kumi informs him as she gave him a smile in which he returned before taking the seat across from her.

“This may seem like a sudden question but do you know what an Ashikabi is?” Homura question knowing the chance of her knowing were slim but It never hurt to ask.

“No, I’m sorry. Is that some sort of term that means something?” Kumi asked as she tilted her head to the side in confusion.

“No, Its nothing. It just something I always ask people to break the ice.” Homura asked as he was on slightly lying, he did ask this question to break the ice but it did have a significant meaning in his life.

“I see… Ohh Yes, I wanted to give you back your change.” Kumi says holding out the change to Homura who looked confused.

“You may keep it. I gave it for ruining your groceries.” Homura says.

“I know but the amount you gave me was to much so I came to return it to you.” Kumi said placing the money in his hand.

“I see.” Homura started, “Their is something else that I wished to ask you.”

“What is it?” Kumi questioned as she leaned back into her chair.

“Do you know what an Ashikabi is?” Homura asked.

“An Ashikabi? No I don’t know what that is.” Kumi tells the other. “Is it like a new game.”

“No, an Ashikabi are unique humans that are able to activate a Sekirei's ability.” Homura explains, “A Sekirei is what I am super charged extraterrestrial that looks like a human, each one of us have our own powers and abilities. Are you understanding so far?”

“I understand so far but what does that have to do with me?” Kumi asked as she looked at him confused.

“I believe that you may be my Ashikabi but I have never once have been able to release my power, and in roughly 3 months the Sekirei plan will start and none on this island will be able to leave so I asking will you try to be my Ashikabi?” Homura requested.

“Hmm… I don’t really know about being an Ashikabi in all but I do know that this island is my home and I want to protect it, so rather than being just your maybe Ashikabi lets be friends.” Kumi suggested with a big smile as he held out her hand to the other. “As well all these things about other Sekirei, I don’t know what your powers are but I would be stupid to leave when all the fun is about to happen in a couple of months.”

Homura stares at her shocked before breaking out into a huge grin, “Why am I not surprised.”

“Did you say something?” Kumi asked as he looked at the Sekirei.

“No I said nothing.”  Homura said as he shook his head as he watched her from the other side of the table, when Homura felt a sharp pain to his chest causing him to fall forward, with her hand clenching his chest.

Groaning he feels the pain on his chest grown more painful and began to spread through his entire body. Kumi looked over to him with a look of worry.

“Homura, are you okay you don’t look to well.” Kumi says as Homura began to sway slightly but caught himself onto the table.

“You are at my house, i did not know where you lived so I took you to my house.”  Kumi tells him as she took the towel from his forehead and placed it inside a water bowl the placing it back on his forehead before offering him a glass of water.

“I see thank you thank you Kumi.” Homura says, “But if you would please grab my phone and dial the pin 1768 into my phone and dial the number Miya she is my landlord she will come and get me.” As    
the medicine in the glass of water began to takes it effect on him.

“I will call her.” Kumi said fishing the phone out of the other pocket before entering the pin and dial one of the 4 numbers that was in the phone and the one named Miya.

“Homura, is this you? Where have you been, you missed dinner.” Miya nagged over the phone.

“I’m sorry Homura is unavailable he currently fainted at a restaurant near the main city and I brought him to my house and he told me to call you to ask for you to come pick him up.” Kumi informed the woman on the other land.

“Ahh I see, where is that you live if you don’t mind me asking, Miss…” Miya started.

“Oh right my name is Kumi. I live on 192 Bear flank building C apartment 43.” Kumi told her.

“Thank you, Kumi, I will come get Homura right away.” Miya says.

“Alright then I will patiently wait for you to come by.” Kumi says before hanging up the phone.
Fate Chapter 2
I hope you like the chapter. I am sorry for the horrible delay of the next chapter. Please leave a comment. School was a killer but I have no school since it vacation time so I'm hoping for more updates. So look out.

Commission are open!

Commission for: :iconkulstudio:
Chapter 1:What about breakfast?

Sanja sighed as she woke up in the morning after her first night at the mountain. So from what she could tell none one was awake so she swung her legs to the other side of the bed and stood up allowing her nightgown to fall to her knees.

Grabbing ahold of her towels, she walked into her private en-suite, walking over to the shower she turned on the water, before walking away to view herself in the vanity window. She slowly pulled her hair back into a low pony tail.

Moving away from the vanity stripping away from her clothes and moved under the hot water that was being jetted towards her.  Grabbing her body wash, that was scented of cherry blossoms and began to wash her body.

Once she was throughly clean she exited out of the shower and reached for her fluffy blue towel and securely wrapped it around herself before moving back into her own room. Walking over to her closet she pulled out a pair of black skinny jeans and a blue tank top before putting on the clothes. Before leaving she slipped on her blue vans and stepped outside the room.

Miss Martian, or rather M’gann had given her the grand tour of the mountain. So she carefully navigated through the halls trying not to get lost in the many halls that the mountain had.

Soon she made her way to the main part of the cave where she saw Conner sitting in front of the T.V. next to Kid flash who was munching on a bag of chips.

“Hey Sanja.” Jamie said as he came from the kitchen drinking a cup full of water.

“Hi, Jamie.” Sanja said hesitantly as she glanced at her shifting side to side.

“So you want something to eat, I bet Miss M would not mind in making you some breakfast.” Jamie said looking over at the martian.

“Yeah I don’t mind, what would you like to eat?” Miss M asked as she floated over to them with a big smile.

“Ummmm…. Pancakes if you do not mind.” Sanja said hopefully, as she looked up at Miss Martian.

“Coming right up then.” M’gann said as she went to the kitchen to make their newest member breakfast.

“Thank you M’gann.” Sanja said as she walk over near the bar and takes a seat.

“So how are you liking the mountain so far?” Jamie asked taking a seat next to her.

“I like it very much.” Sanja says.

“Well that good because there's a lot in store for the day.” Jamie tells her.

“Like what?” Sanja question as the computer announced that Batman had arrived.

“Everyone suit up, you have a mission.” Batman said. Everyone instantly got up to go get ready. Sanja sat their for a moment before asking.

“What about breakfast?”
Not Green but Blue Chapter 1
I'm sorry for the very long delay please forgive me. School was a pain, I know it not an excuse but please know i am sorry but now im free hopefully this means more updates. 

Commission are open!

Commission for :iconkoalaoshiz:
It was a long way to go from the fall semester to the spring semester but I did it will very good grades that I'm proud to say. i hope to publish alot more that now I have free time. So please keep a look out on the stuff.  I have published several new works on my page so please go check them out. I'm still learning and improving, so i hope you guys can live with me for a while longer.

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